Cheers to 2013!

2012 passed by, just like that. ‘Twas a year full of challenges and trials – both in personal and career, travels and munching around, first times and re-runs, and everything else that I may or may have not expected. No regrets, as what we all say.

Now’s the start of another year. Hopefully, it will be a better one, if not best. I’m looking forward to big changes that are about to come, and I pray that it will all be for the best.

Happy New Year to everyone! Let’s all wish and pray for a better 2013. Cheers!

Below are some of the (mobile) photos that Zari, Pats, and I had when we welcomed 2013 last night at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. We’re supposedly crashing going to a couch surfer party, and head to Skybar afterwards. But we ended up enjoying the hype of Bukit Bintang’s bars and street party.


2 thoughts on “Cheers to 2013!

  1. happy new year tots! thanks for making my 2012 memorable and for making me feel the most loved girl every single day!
    cheers to more adventure (aka travel).


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