Loveland at Jeju Island

I think I found the perfect place, by far, where I could spend my days after retirement – Jeju Island.

Having all of nature’s best in one accessible place: waterfalls, mountains, etc; clean surroundings, fresh air and natural water; and the warm, welcoming, and friendly attitude of the locals, I would say without any hesitations: “I love it in Jeju Island!”. It has taken the number 1 spot in my “must live here when I get old” list.

Jeju Island’s International Airport is an hour of bus-ride away from Seogwipo – the wonderful and relaxed city that took us in for a few exciting days. But before going to Seogwipo and checking out all of nature’s goodness, we left our luggage first at the airport and headed straight to one of the famous themed parks in Jeju Island – Loveland.

Tip: You can leave your luggage at the airport. They have a luggage counter that will take your stuff in for KRW 4,000 for the 1st 3 hours (Thanks Doan for reminding!). Just enough time for a quick visit to Loveland Theme Park.

Warning: Photos hereafter have sexual contents (a lot!). So, parental guidance, and an open-mind, is highly advised. Kids, go to the kitchen and drink your milk.

The (metered) cab from the airport to the theme park costs around KRW 10,000, and took us around 15 minutes to reach it. The ladies managing the taxi queue had a big smirk when they heard where we’re heading. They even giggled when we left. You’ll see why below.

Oh, and by the way, there are a couple of restaurants outside where you can grab a quick snack/lunch. We had noodles for lunch in one of them. It was so-so, but then again, we’re hungry. So, the (instant) noodles sufficed for that moment.

Again, if you’re under-aged and/or not ready to see some rather graphic photos, read my other entries instead. 😛

Now you know why the “taxi ladies” earlier had a smirk on their faces. Interested yet?

Stay tuned for more of our Jeju Island, and Seoul trips. 🙂


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