Highs and Lows in Bangkok

I’m back!!! And this is Papi, by the way.
Pats is busy preparing dinner at the moment. Nope, I didn’t lock her up in some dungeon.

An overwhelming response was received by Pats’ entry as a ‘Guest Blogger’. With all your comments and suggestions, we’ll cook something up to bring ’em all into fruition. And before moving on, thanks for the support, and suggestions! We are, and we’ll be, more than happy to hear more from you guys and gals. Keep them coming! πŸ˜€

While waiting for more of your comments, suggestions, and violent reactions, let’s take a glimpse on the highs and lows of our previous trip in Asia’s “City of Angels”. Say WAT!!!

so, you are in Bangkok as well… Reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

We arrived at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport on Friday afternoon, and managed to get out after almost an hour – long immigration line. My first remark: “This airport is damn huge!”. And this impression of mine proved itself to me again on our way home. More of that later.

Despite its enormity, you’ll never get lost as the signage are reliable. Best part: public transportation is easy. Their Airport Link train is, uh well, linked to the airport – just like how all airport trains should be.

It took us around an hour of travel from the airport to it’s last station – Phaya Thai (THB 45/pax), since we took the city train that stops at all stations. From there, we hailed a cab (THB 90) going to Soi Rambuttri – a much quieter area than that of Khao San. Our room is even quieter, as it is already at the end of the hall. Until…

“ooooohhhhh… aaaaaahhhhh… AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” *pant* *pant*

A loud, echoing, moan was heard from the next room. Seriously, a high-pitched and satisfied moan. So disturbing that it woke Pats from her afternoon nap – surprised and wide-eyed; and distracted my watching of the Olympics. That loud. That… loud.

Ok, this is not “Fifty Shades”. So, let’s leave it to that.

Tip: Be patient in waiting for a cab. Most cab drivers will haggle, especially those already waiting at bay. Hail those moving cabs instead. They are most likely to follow the meter.
Another Tip: Have an open-mind whey you visit Bangkok. :p

We stayed at Rambuttri Village Inn and Spa, a merely 5 minutes walk away from Khao San Road – the infamous “street of anything goes”. I just made that up. But yeah, anything seems to happen there when people get drunk. Not that we’ve seen much. It’s more on tell-tales. :p

The night before the disturbing moan was heard, Pats and I went to Sirocco – the “Sky Bar” where some scenes of the movie Hangover 2 were shot. It is on the 64th floor of the Lebua State Tower in Silom. (Cab Fare: THB 100 ~ arranged)

The Dome. Can’t take pictures from there, bummer.

Given it’s high location, the view of the city is magnificent. I bet sunset would look even better up there. And of course, the price of their drinks is steeply high as well. A bottle of beer there could get you 4, or probably 5, of the same brand at Khao San.

Silom’s nightscape

Tip: They are following dress codes. So, you shouldn’t be wearing your beach attire there.

We only ordered a single drink, aptly called “Hangovertini“. Need I explain more? It’s priced at around THB 490. And as Pats said: “That would already buy several stuff in Chatuchak Market”. So, we only had 1 drink. Priorities people. Priorities. πŸ™‚

Thy Hangovertini, it’s tamarind-y

Tip: You may visit the bar for free, meaning: you are not required to buy a drink. When you reach the 64th floor, ask the receptionists to show you the way to “The Dome”. Or better yet, just walk past them and take the glass door on the left side of the stairs. Right side will take you to the bar. If you’re there just for the view, don’t tell them you’re there for a drink. :p

the open-air Sky Bar. Just wish it won’t rain

Sky Bar. The floor space is quite crammed. That’s just the number of people who can fit around it.

After snapping a few photos at the Sky Bar, we packed-up and headed back to Khao San Road, where we met up a friend – Reylon, who happened to have other visitors: Janis and Marcin (Cab Fare: THB 80). The five of us hanged-out at a local bar called The Brick Bar – for obvious reasons, where we enjoyed their local music and bar scene. Entrance fee is THB 150, and was paid for us by Reylon. Thanks Rey! The bar is stashed inside a building in Khao San, but I honestly don’t remember where it is anymore. :p

At The Brick Bar, with: Rey, Janis, and Marcin, and the anonymous armpit (Photo courtesy of Rey)

Note, rather Excuse: I wasn’t able to take much photos in Khao San Road’s night scene, as it was a bit drizzling for the 2 nights I was there. I was a bit scared risking my camera… :p

We called it a night around midnight because we still have to wake up early for Chatuchak Market. And… We didn’t. We were at the market around 9:30 AM, and we’ve spent probably an a hour finding our way out of the “pets” area. Thereafter, we went in and out of all the stalls that we possibly could. But we actually didn’t have enough time, and budget, to buy much. Poor us. Nevertheless, our wallets didn’t come out unscathed. πŸ˜›

Someone’s shopping alright.

Trinkets. Trinkets.

Tip: Never agree with the cab driver on using the Expressway / Highway, as you will be required to pay an additional toll fee of THB 45.00, on top of your cab fare. Unless, if you’re in a hurry, which for our case, no. Pfffttt… (Cab Fare: THB 140 + toll)

It don’t matter if you’re black or white… or gold… or bronze

Hungry? Have a bowl of noodles!

After the tiring stroll inside the Chatuchak Market, we headed back to our guesthouse. The cab driver dropped us on the other end of Khao San Road, so we had to pass through it to get back to our place. Tempting enough, we had another share of a sumptuous Pad Thai from a street stall. It’s our dinner the night before as well, plus a Chicken Kebab. Both comes dirty cheap – THB 30. And honestly, that was the only time I loved Pad Thai… And damn, I’m thinking of it now.

They’re not crowding up on Pad Thai. She’s selling deep-fried bugs, scorpions, and whatnots. I don’t have the guts yet to try it. Maybe, if someone will pay me cash.

After dropping our shopping bags back at our room, we just freshened up and headed straight for the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. Unfortunately, the Grand Palace was already closed (5 PM). On the other hand, we still managed to get inside Wat Pho for some quick stroll and photos. Supposedly, there’s a fee of THB 50, but we entered via another door, for free. Nobody stopped us, so we went ahead.

Hall of the Temple of the Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho. Pretty nice wall art there. Wat Pho? I Dunno. :p

“Paint me…wearing only this.”

Donation Bowls? Wish Bowls? I’m not really sure. Sorry.

Tip: I’m not sure how to teach you the “free” way, but it’s a narrow road, where you’ll see a door with a notice saying: “Please use the other door”. There’s no counter to pay the entrance fee through that door. πŸ˜›
Another Tip: Be careful when crossing the road. That is where I first saw a lady being hit by a fast car, hitting the windshield, and being thrown away, rolling on the asphalt. Just how I see it in the movies. Good thing, she seemed ok, and was able to stand up.

For dinner, we headed straight to Cabbages and Condoms in Soi Sutthisan, after a short walk around the Grand Palace area and hailing for a metered cab (THB 97). What’s special about it? Nothing much, except that most of their decors/posters are sexual-related (not visual), lamps made of condoms, and they give away condoms after you pay the bill.

Cabbages and Condoms. Where condoms are readily available, like veggies.

Planning something kid? That grin seems to mean something, huh?

I assume these are unused.

Food is quite good. We had Thai Green Curry, which was quite delicious; and Deep-fried pork rib with pepper and garlic, which was a bit dry. Price is average, and fair enough for the taste and serving size of the dishes that we’ve tried.

Basically, they had us with their Thai Green Curry. πŸ™‚

Thai Green Curry. Simply delicious.

Deep-fried pork rib with pepper and garlic. So-so.

Spreading the lurve… and rice…

Republican or Democrat? You decide.

And on Sunday morning, we went to church at Soi Santisuk (THB 111), where we were able to meet up with Benito, a good pal of mine since college. And that’s it. Not a lunch treat, nor a free water. LOL.


Benito, before being beaten-up…

After the church service, and before we checked-out, we first went back to Khao San Road for a quick Thai Massage. It’s a must! πŸ˜€


Sunday performance at Khao San Road

But before we headed for the airport, we stopped by 2 shopping malls: Central World and Gayson. The latter being the high-end one. So, we transferred to Central World. Hehe. Going there, we rode a cab to Chit Lom Station (THB 97), and we walked our way there.


Central Wolrd-bound. Guess where Pats is…

After a short stroll inside Central World, we road the train from Chit Lom Station going back to Phaya Thai (THB 20/pax). From there, we transferred to the Airport Link Train and took the Airport Link Express Train for THB 90. Trip was just around 15 minutes to the airport.

Despite arriving 2 hours before our scheduled flight to Kuala Lumpur, we got held at the immigration line. It was too darn long that our flight was already doing it’s final call. In addition to this, our boarding gate was at the farthest end of the airport. So, after clearing immigration, we dropped all grace, heighten the adrenaline up, and ran as fast as we could, without setting a scene at the airport.

It’s so unfortunate since we allotted enough time to roam around the airport, and probably buy some souvenirs and stuff. We had no choice but to window-shop while running. I rushed and left Pats in order to reach the counter in time, and tell them to wait for us. Lucky enough, we were not the last. There were still some who came few minutes after us. Whew! Good thing we took an express train going to the airport. Otherwise, Bangkok for another day!

That pretty much wraps our Bangkok trip – from the high altitude and prices of Sirocco to the low prices of stuff in Chatuchak and Khao San Road, which we would like to do again and again, given the chance.

And there we are.. oh so tired, yet full. πŸ˜€

Have your own Bangkok highs and lows? Share it to us, and who knows, we might try it the next time we visit. πŸ˜€


7 thoughts on “Highs and Lows in Bangkok

  1. sulit naman yun hangovertini.. gaganda ng kuha mo sa sky bar πŸ™‚
    next time, chatuchak at mall na lang ang itinerary tama ba? hehehe


    1. Thanks for dropping by! πŸ˜€ Is it good in Hatyai? We haven’t been there but I’m curious to know if it’s also worth a trip. Maybe you can share your experiences to us. πŸ™‚ Hopefully, this entry gave some insight on how to go about Bangkok. πŸ˜‰


  2. I bet Pats was in heaven when you were in chatuchak. She loves finding great buys at flea markets.
    And i bet your neighbours in the hotel was in heaven based on the sounds they’re making.. πŸ™‚
    oh on second thought… maybe not… can be fake or*****m. =P


  3. Aw, this was a very good post. Taking a few minutes and actual effort to generate a very good article… but what
    can I say… I hesitate a lot and never manage to get anything done.


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