An unexpected 8 km (fun) run

My Saturday started quite early this weekend, just like anybody else who joined this year’s Standard Chartered Bank’s Fun Run (and Carnival) held at Putrajaya. I had to wake up at around 5:30 AM in order to prepare because our friend will pick us up at 6:30 AM – that is 3 hours ahead of my normal waking time. :p

We arrived at the venue a bit early – before 7:30, as the run was scheduled to start from 8 AM onward. The field was already crowded then with people warming-up, kids running and playing around, and some having their breakfast.


The runners

The event was not just any typical marathon event – it was a carnival. And better yet, a charity event. It was focused not only on the staffs’ – and their families, work-life balance, but mainly on reaching out to people in extending their understanding and help to people with eye/vision problems. Hence, SiB – Seeing is Believing.

Upon registering, each of us got a small booklet, having several coupons of FREE food! That, alone, made the early start worth it…sort of. We were not able to maximize it though as the queue was quite long on most of the stalls, and also considering the midday heat. Not a good combination, I must say.


My very first Rojak – tastes good actually


Cold refreshments on a hot day


Waiting for her kebab

Few minutes before the start of the marathon, all the runners, having a class of A to D on their bibs, were called to queue up. That was for the 8 km runners. And to our surprise, we belonged to that category. Darn!!!


Here we go 8 km! Gooooodluck!

All the while, we’re only expecting to be on the 5 km route. But to our dismay, we were bound for 8. it seems liked there was a mix up on the bibs. We weren’t prepared for it, not by any means. No training, no diets (yeah right), no whatever. But we still went for 8 km and finished it.


8 km – Complete!


8KM Finishers

And here I am now, in pain. My body’s aching everywhere, and I’m tanned… 😦


Colored laces as checkpoint markers… To make sure you didn’t cheat :p

Imagine if I brought my camera and ran 8 km, which was my initial plan by the way, I would have been pissed. Luckily I didn’t. So, please bear with my mobile photos instead.



This marathon was too tiring for me due to the lack of preparations, and the uber hot weather. Nonetheless, the event, in general, was quite fun. It would have been better though if Pats or I won something from the raffle. :p




The kids (color) sanding their cards


Surf’s up!


Cruz’s Art


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