Train on a Train: A Travel Photography Workshop… Supposedly

Last Saturday, I was “lucky” enough to be given the chance of joining a photography workshop for free. With all the “passion for photography downfall” stuff that I was having, I would say that it was just the reboot that I needed in order to rekindle the flame with my camera. Or so I thought.

By the way, that’s the same alibi reason I have for the extended hiatus on updating my blog. High five!

Butterworth Bound. Training on a Train.

Moving on. The week before it was utterly stressful – work emails flying everywhere, from the 2 countries that I’m supporting; lots of queries that I need to dig and study further; so on and so forth. You know the drill. But when I received the invitation mail one morning to this workshop, I accepted it without any hesitation.

Today’s Session.

The workshop was conducted on-board the KTM Komuter Train, which was bound for Butterworth, Penang. Our train left the Old Railway Station in Kuala Lumpurat around 9 AM. And that is when the language-barrier took its toll on us.

Basic Colors of the Earth

Since the training was conducted majorly in Bahasa Melayu (Malay Language), my colleague and I – both Filipinos, were not able to understand a thing from what the mentor is talking about. We were only able to grasp few photography keywords – that’s it.

Knowledge Sharing ala Story Telling

Instead of just sitting there for 6+ hours, listening to words we barely understand, we just kept ourselves busy going back and forth inside the train, snapping photos of anything, anyone, and of the sceneries that the train pass by.

From down-low.

Of lines and textures

In Butterworth, we took a 15-minute ferry ride going to Penang Island. It was already past 4 PM, and I was hungry. The last meal we had was a piece of Ayam Goreng (Fried Chicken) and Mee Hon (Noodles) for lunch.


Enjoying the wind on the ferry

We hopped on a free bus and headed for a famous Nasi Kandar restaurant in Penang, known as Nasi Kandar Line Clear. Click on the link(s) to get a better picture of Nasi Kandar – if you’re as unfamiliar on it as I was when I first tried it. Surprisingly, I liked it. And my sensitive stomach did not react. LOL.

After the good meal, we walked from the restaurant going back to the ferry terminal, taking photos along the way, as we only had two hours to spend. And besides, I have been in Penang twice before. So, there’s not much excitement for me to roam around anymore. I just wanted to finish the day, get back on the train, take a shower in the not-so-executive coach, and sleep.

Here are some more of the photos I took during the entire trip. 🙂

DJ Kieran, the “designated model”

Don’t take chances. Think hard.

You may erase some things in your life, just make sure the dust won’t blind you.

Flagged up.

Bicycle Parade.

“Good Catch! Pun intended.” – Driver

Tapping the meters.




10 thoughts on “Train on a Train: A Travel Photography Workshop… Supposedly

    1. Thanks Buds!

      True. Workshop may have sucked for us coz we didn’t learn anything. But then again, that experience was new for me. So, charge it to experience again. Not much regrets. Hehe.


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