Eat: Carnaval Churrascaria

I have discovered this one Brazilian restaurant in Damansara Utama called Carnaval Churrascaria, where you can have an all-you-can-eat meat or veggie-only dinner, when my boss appointed me to organize our team lunch/dinner.

Danny Trejo’s job before going to Hollywood as Machete

At first, I was worried if the food is good. Apparently, it is great! My first slice of garlic bread set the bar a notch up. And as each of the meat is served, it goes even higher. All of the meat that I had were delicious and cooked perfectly to my liking, especially that Garlic Beef and Lamb Shoulder. Delicioso!

minted meat

By the way, the restaurant is Halal (though not certified), as they do not serve pork. They only skewer beef, lamb, chicken, and fish. There are prawns at times.

meat twinnie..

The manner that they serve the food is different from what we’re used to in buffets. Here, they bring all the meat to your table, skewered and all heated up. All you’ve got to do is nod or decline, and grab the piece of meat, using the provided tongs, as they are sliced on the spot. I guess this is how buffets work in Brazil, I wouldn’t know…yet… Rio with the BBS! Looking forward to it! 😀

sad me…

Anyways… A buffet table, on the other hand, is still present, having all the veggies and other dishes, which are also notably good. So, you can never go wrong on a RM48++ buffet at this place. By the way, drinks are sold separately.

veggies anyone?

gimme that lamb!

honey-glazed pineapple, FTW!

After being “Full”-ly satisfied the first time, we returned to the “carnaval” for a second gluttonous dinner. This time with: Tonette, Jules, and Doan. Sadly, it was for Jules’ send-off. Nevertheless, good stories and laughs came with the good food, stories that we will just keep amongst ourselves. 😛

satisfied lambs… err… sheeps

And as usual, sumptuous dinner will not be complete without a bottle of wine.

chilling the red

see you down under Jules!

masarap mabuhay!


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