Eat: Goku Roku Ramen

Yesterday afternoon, Pats and I have decided to drop by MidValley Megamall to kill time and window shop. And, with every mall-strolls come great hunger.

At first, we agreed to eat at Pasta Zanmai – a Japanese Fusion restaurant, which we like because of their Hotate Pizza. However, skimming through their menu, our appetites weren’t teased enough. So, we’ve decided to leave and try this fairly new restaurant called Goku Roku Ramen.

As you may have guessed, it’s another Japanese restaurant. Well, more of a Ramen house, but not on the cheap side. Expensive as it may sound, the serving, I think, is quite generous. If I remember correctly, cheapest bowl of ramen is around RM15++, which is enough to fill a hungry tummy.

And because it is the holidays, they have a good-for-two set menu, comprising of: a bowl of Miso Tonkatsu Ramen, two servings of Kobuta Meshi (beef with rice), 5 pieces of Gyoza, 2 pieces of Pork Skewers, 2 servings of Annin Tofu (almond jelly), a few side dishes (Chuka Iidako, Edamame, Char Siew Pork, some cucumber, and hard-boiled eggs), and 2 bottomless cups of Green Tea. All of these for RM49.90 (RM57.90 plus taxes).


who would not get full from these???

As I’ve said, this set is good for two, and it’s well worth it.

The ramen tastes good, especially during when it’s still hot. By the way, there is an option for a dry ramen (no soup). But we opted for this one since ramen, for us, is not ramen without the soup. 😀


Miso Tonkatsu Ramen, sluuuuurp!

Kobuta Meshi is delicious as well. It’s a stir-fried beef with a sweet sauce of some sort, served on top of hot white rice. It was so good that Pats finished her share. If you’re not aware, she doesn’t normally eat rice for dinner, shares with me if she does. It’s that good. :p


Kobuta Meshi, delightful!

Their Gyoza is also satisfying. It’s saltiness is just enough and won’t make you go: bleeekk!


Gyoza, appetizing-ly good

Another dish worth mentioning is their Pork Skewers. It tastes just like how it does back in Japan, when Pats and I tried it on a local pub at Ueno. Makes me want to order Asahi.. 😀


Pork Skewer, close to authentic!

But! The most notable of them all: the Annin Tofu, more known as Almond Jelly. It may sound as if it’s just an almond jelly in Nihonggo. But alas! Our already full tummies made room, by itself, for it! That rich, well-balanced cream and almond taste that melts in your mouth… Ahhhh!!! I love it!


Annin Tofu (Almond Jelly) – the best almond jelly i have had, so far

Summing up all of these dishes, when ordered individually, will really be quite expensive. But of course, the servings will be more compared to what we had for this set. Nonetheless, I can say, the cost was well-worth it! 😀

20111227-021010.jpg One of the good side-dishes.


the satisfied customer 😀


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