When everyone was making a fuss about 11.11.11, I was patiently waiting for my own digits to come – 20.11.2011. Nothing really special though. These are just plain numbers. But then again, I was hoping for a better day, since 11.11.11 gave me high-fever.

You may not know yet why I was looking forward to it. But basically, it’s my birthday. And with all sincerity and appreciation, I would say that it’s the best I had, so far.

Note: More videos and photos to come. Need time to edit the videos… :p

My closest friends here in Malaysia, Baa Baa Black Sheeps as well call it, prepared a humiliating and tiring surprise for me the day before my actual day. Pats, along with Tonette and Doan, has planned for a 6-hours worth of tasks that I should complete in order to receive my special prize. A hard-earned gift I should say.


With that, I will quickly tell you all of the struggles and humiliation that I had to go through on the 19th of November. But do take note, I really enjoyed everything I’ve done that day.

Join me and read on as I reminisce one of my most memorable days. Enjoy reading Papi’s Amazing (Disg) Race. πŸ™‚

5:30 AM, Saturday (day before my birthday): Pats woke me up with the most unwelcome phrase: “I’m having a bad stomach ache, bring me to the hospital…”. So, I jumped out of bed, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and dressed up. And as I went out of my room, Doan was there, holding her camera and was already taking video footages.

Then and there, Pats and Doan broke the news that I have to do 26 tasks, in view of my 27th birthday. Of course, disoriented and being half-awake, I was somewhat pissed. But then again, I thought Pats cooked up something special and I don’t want to spoil the fun and be KJ (Kill Joy). So, I put my half-awake game-face on and prepared my stuff as the 1st envelope instructed. Here’s the brief outline of the things that the Baa Baa made me do:

Task # 1: Grab thy backpack and start the race. Only an iPhone, prepared backpack, and camera are allowed to be brought.
Task # 2: Travel by foot and find the marked car in front of Millennium Condominium.


Task # 3: Jump-start a car, just like how you did it your first time.

There goes positive. Then, the negative.

Task # 4: Drive to the nearest Petrol Station – in Section 14, and fill the tank up. (RM30 enclosed)

Fill er up!

Task # 5: At the Petrol Station, offer to clean a customer’s windshield.

And the lucky customer is…

Task # 6: Have a Malaysian breakfast (Nasi Lemak + Kopi) in a mamak store at Section 14. (RM10 enclosed)

Mmmm.. Nasi Lemak!

Task # 7: Drive to Istara condominium, and visit the playground where “Pats and Tots” all started. Take a slide down the kids’ playground.

The Slide, where I was waiting for the right moment. lol

Task # 8: Change into your swimming attire (in the backpack). Dive into the pool and find 5 coins which are not equivalent to ISO Currency Code of 458 and 608 – Malaysia and Philippines. – CardLink people… :p

Got the correct coins? Hopefully! The water

Task # 9: Drive to MBPJ and take a photo with your employer’s logo at the background. Upload with the caption: “I Love SCB”.

I love SCB! chos..

Task # 10: Drive towards the National Palace (Istana Negara). March along the gates while singing Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Task # 11: Travel by car and find the “Beach Club” in Bukit Bintang. Have your picture taken while wearing a complete snorkeling attire (with fins). In addition, ask a passerby: “Where’s the nearest beach?”

Where are the beaches? :p

Task # 12: Drive towards Petronas. Find a lady in stripes, holding a Starbucks coffee.

err.. nope, not this lady in stripes..

there, there… the lady in black & white stripes πŸ˜€

Task # 13: Have your picture taken while kissing the lady in stripes – Petronas at the background. This is your version of “kiss under the Eiffel tower”.

ayown! :p

Task # 14: Find a spot in the (KLCC) park and have a quick picnic.

so the lady in black & white stripes was just a proxy for the kiss task… hehe

Task # 15: Drive to Mid Valley Megamall, and look for “Pats and Tots”, nearby Popeye’s Resturant.

Pats and Tots

Task # 16: Roadblock: Choose which one to eat: Munggo or Durian?

Munggo FTW. akkk…

Task # 17: Search for the tattoo shop inside the mall, and get a (henna) tattoo. (RM20 enclosed).

akkkk! :p

Task # 18: Get an ear-piercing. (RM5 enclosed). Ended up eating a Durian instead. Akkk…

Task # 19: Go to Carl’s Junior and order a burger (without any dressings). Eat the half and give the other half to Doan as repayment to the one you ate without permission. :p

there goes the tasteless half-burger.. :p

Task # 20: Go to the kid’s arcade at Level 2. Groove to a song at the Dance Dance Revolution machine. (RM5 enclosed)

dub-i-dub-i-dub-i-dub-i-dub-dub-dub.. dub-i-dub-i-dub-i-yeah-yeah

Task # 21: Drive to IKEA, and search for Mother Sheep (Tupang Ina). Change to your sleeping attire (pajama, white shirt, and bedroom slippers). Choose and lie on a comfy bed at the Bedroom Section.

at home at IKEA… Zzzzzz..

Task # 22: Solve the trivia. First letter of the answers will lead you to your final destination.
Task # 23: Go towards e-Curve. On your way, find a stall that sells this famous fruit from Cameron (strawberry) – place where the beautiful friendship has started.

chocolate-covered strawberries

Task # 24: Using the clues from Task # 23, find this restaurant and check into the Final Pitstop.

at the Final Pitstop – Senjyu Restaurant

Task # 25: 12 Flags represents each of the countries that you have visited with Pats. Identify them and arrange them in sequence according to the dates when you have first visited it.

errr… Rovilson? Sablay din eh..

Task # 26 cum reward: Drive towards Bangsar and find Bali Ayu spa, and have a relaxing massage with Pats.

And my most favorite of them all? Wearing the snorkel gear while at the streets of KL. No one gets to do that on a typical day, not even on special days, except me! Hahahaha!

Least of them, eating a piece of Durian. I have to admit, I wanted to puke it all out. I was still able to taste it until before I slept that night… Ugh!!!

And on the 20th, Sunday, I started my day with the rightful thanks and praises. We went off to church for worship service, along with a friend and former schoolmate – Kharu, who happened to have a workshop in KL for the week. But notably before that, Pats gave me a card having personal messages from my family and hers – all the way from Philippines and USA, and from some of my friends. Touching indeed!

After the service, we went home and spent the entire afternoon prepping up some dishes for a small gathering / dinner at home.

a simple celebration at home

our home-made goodness

And to end my day, I was surprised by 27 gifts from Pats, all of which were accompanied by small, sweet notes from her. Really, really touching. Thank you and I love you Pats! πŸ™‚

one of my 27 gifts… a touch-screen watch! πŸ˜€

To all of my friends who helped prepare, and participated on, the race: a heart-felt and sincere thanks to you all. Thanks for making this day a very memorable one. Kudos! Race well done! Sana lang di umiral ang short-term memory ko… Haha!

Special mention and thanks to Tonette and Doan for being the Project Manager, and Senior Lead for this of this event. Project implemented successfully! Cheers! At buti na lang Tonette, di mo tinuloy ang 4-hours hike sa Bukit Tabur na task, baka EOF na tayo. Hahaha! Joke! :p

And of course, above everyone else, Pats, thank you very much for everything! You never fail to impress and make me happy. Every day is already special when I’m with you, yet you made these 2 days even more special. I feel really loved. Kaluguran daka! πŸ˜€ Naks, cheesy! Haha!

dinner treat at PJ Seafood Restaurant


13 thoughts on “20.11.2011

  1. Hihihi sweet ΓΌ alam ko din yung story sa slide.. D p nga yta kme ngkkta ni sunrise in flesh nun (as friends) after accenture ahahah … Crush ka tlga nya papi ahaha.. =p indeed u had a blast! Pati kme ng enjoy ΓΌ


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