Malaysia Wine Fiesta 2011

Who said that lunch time isn’t the best time for a glass of wine? Rather, glasses of wines? 😀

ready to satiate thy taste buds

to infini-wine and beyond!

Pats and I went to a wine tasting event last Sunday and it was like, great! Wines from Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Chile, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Africa, and France were over flowing. Some good, some so-so, all bottomless, sort of. Most of the more expensive wines were finished quite fast. So, unfortunate. Well, not all expensive are good anyways. Remember Green Vale and Van Loveren? RM20 and RM50 of good red and white, respectively 😉

take a sip of the red

We arrived a few minutes past 11 AM, weather was hot, but we’re excited for the wines. At the reception, we were given a small booklet, a pencil, and the most important thing – the wine glass. The booklet’s for reference of all the grapiness, short description and price of each wine served. Good thing I watched the Executive Channel a lot back home, learned how to properly say Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, et al, and some small must-knows about wines. But, we were mostly trying to cope in. Hehe :p

do the whirl, smell, and sip.

The event was not all wine though, there were few tapas and pastas, which I say were good. Selection wasn’t that many, it’s eat-all-you-can nonetheless.

salmon tapas, complement the whites

cheesecakes to replenish the taste buds

roses are red, macaroons – are good.

mini chicken burgers, not your average Ramlys

But then again, it’s all about the wine. Again, it’s all about the food…wine.

pour me some, milady

last plate of aglio olio and salmon tapas

The event was scheduled from 11 AM to 5 PM. Just imagine, how much wine one could drink. But then again, puking at an event like this isn’t a likable option. Quick Poll!

eyeing for some Riesling Auslese Rudesheimer 2005, how ever that is pronounced…

someone is getting tipsy, I presume

the wine crowd. This is not a drunk guys view, it really is the crowd, two-thirds of them.

And when I’m quite dehydrated and Pats was a bit dizzy, meant that it’s time to go home.

time to go home daddy…

and… we are out.

Thanks Zari for the invites! We really enjoyed the event. Cheers! 😀


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