Out-of-nowhere, this idea of doing a 30-day iPhoneography self-project popped into my caffeinated brain, while people-watching at Starbucks, wherein I will try to post a mobile photo each day. Starting now… *snap* *snap* So, please keep coming back and see if I’m able to do what my bored brain instructed me to do. πŸ˜‰


Photo #16 (Oct 19): Something smells fishy


Photo #15 (Oct 18): Turned on...


Photo #14 (Oct 17): Catching a breath


Photo #13 (Oct 16): Softness of light


Photo #12 (Oct15): The Old Shanghai

Photo #11 (Oct14): Rise of the Machines


Photo #10 (Oct 13): Which number are you?


Photo #9 (Oct 12): The Grinning Green Capsicum


Photo #8 (Oct 11): Moments with Asparagus

Photo #7 (Oct 10): Frappe Mix

Photo #6 (Oct 9): Use your coconut!

Photo #5 (Oct 8): This is not Matrix. This is work. And it is Friday night.

Photo #4 (Oct 7): Necessities of a sicko

Photo #3 (Oct 6): A race that was never run

Photo #2 (Oct 5): The Contrast of Kiwi

Photo #1 (Oct 4): Brighter Future


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