Beach-ing at Pulau Pangkor

A 3-day holiday means outing! And, outing equates to beach! Well, this time.

Beach, yey!

We were finally able to beach-bum this year (poor us). It’s not summer anymore. But as long as the weather is still hot, shades and sunblock’s on!

Tuesday ’til Thursday were holidays here in Malaysia, in view of Hari Raya, and Merdeka Day (Independence Day). Unfortunately, we were not able to anticipate it and were not able to plan for an out-of-country trip. Worse, I was on-call (work). We didn’t want to waste the holidays though. So, we still went on and travelled to the island of Pangkor, at the north-western part of Malaysia.

Satu Malaysia! πŸ˜‰

It’s a 3-hour++ bus ride (NOT! – more details below) coming from Kuala Lumpur, then a 30-minute ferry trip from Lumut. Because of the holidays, the earliest bus available was only at 1PM.

dinner time @ Daddys

watching the sunset… actually, just waiting for my dinner… :p

We arrived around 6++ PM at our temporary home. After settling in, we strolled along the shores of Coral Bay, waited and witnessed my first Pangkor sunset. Nothing extravagant, really. Maldives‘ sunset is still the best, based on experience. Nevertheless, who wouldn’t want a simple and stress-free EOD (end-of-day), right? Oh and by the way, we were having dinner along the shores while the sun meets the water.

come to Daddys

Gremolatta Chicken and Fruit Punch @ Daddy

After dinner, we went back to our room to rest and enjoy the night – Pusoy Dos and a shot of vodka to whoever loses the round. I was defeated the first night, but got my sweet revenge the following night. Hehe.

our temporary home in Pangkor

Next morning, we woke up early to prepare our make-it-yourself breakfast – egg omelette + toasted bread + coffee, and headed straight to the beach.

on the sands

We beach-bummed the entire morning, strolled around, took a short dip, shot some photos, and watched people enjoy the sands and the water.

swing it baybeh…

witwiw! πŸ˜€

if only it was a yacht… or a speedboat… or a jetski at least…

We took a short rocky and jungle-y walk to reach one of the better spots in the area, locally known as the Couple’s Tree… and then, there’s a Hammock! All for ourselves. πŸ˜€

worth the trek


Fortunately, only the two of us were there, and a another guy trying to catch some fish. So, we took time to take photos and kill time before having lunch.

wish I had a boat ~~

Macaulay Culkin? Painful Jaw? Stevie Wonder? lol

swap roles :p

We had lunch at another restaurant along the beach-side, adjacent to Daddy’s, serving typical Chinese and local dishes. We ordered Thai-style Fish Fillet and their Home-made Special Tofu – spicy yet good.

Thai-Style Fish Fillet

Home-made Special Tofu

Since the sun was too hot at mid-day, we opted to stay at our room and get some sleep after lunch. Then, watch a movie in HBO, and play Stack ‘Em Up – which I don’t intend to play with Pats anymore unless in a sound-proof room. LOL.

playground for kids… or rather playwater?

In the afternoon, we rented a scooter and drove around. Actually, we were only able to visit Dutch Fort as it was about to get dark, and we had a bit of trouble looking for it. It was my first time to drive a scooter up and down hilly roads. But then, as how I’ve said it to Pats, that was in preparation for travelling to Italy’s vineyards. ;p

Dutch Fort, after a stressful scooter ride… hehe

the art of Dutch Fort. Mini-game: find our scooter... :D

And before the sun totally set, we rented a jetski and spent the time frantically speeding (ok, I’m exaggerating here) along the then golden and cold waters of the island. Sunset + Jetski = nice. Only if my camera was water-proof… πŸ˜‰

ready to hit the waves

After having dinner, we again played Pusoy Dos for my payback. And on the following morning, after breakfast, we had a quick stroll along the area and beach side before prepping our stuff for departure. And at 11PM we checked-out of our accommodation and headed towards Pangkor Jetty Terminal. At 1++PM, our bus went off towards KL – and this particular journey is uuuuber stressful! Ugghhh! 5++hours bus travel… The boredom! The back-pain!

By the way, this has been the theme song of the trip. Uber prolonged LSS people… Enjoy! LOL!

FYI. Balik Kampung means going back to hometown in Malay language… and that’s the only thing I know. Haha! πŸ™‚ Balik kampung! Woh oh oh balik kampung! woh oh oh!


last stroll before going home


We stayed at Nipah Guesthouse, and were welcomed with utmost hospitality from Mr. Anuar (owner) and his wife, Alicia. Oh and their newly born baby, Aila. πŸ˜€

at Nipah Guesthouse with Mr Anuar

I highly recommend their place: clean and well-maintained, and I have nothing to complain about it. It’s a short 4-minute walk to the beach-side. Plus, 5 minutes more to Coral Bay beach front.

Take note that you need to reserve early as they are always fully-booked.

And Mr. Anuar, I’m looking forward to your dipping pool! Haha!

Where to eat?
There are lots of restaurants along the area, most serving grilled dishes. We tried Daddy’s Cafe – quite expensive but the food is so-so. Another one is the Island Cafe – cheaper than previous. The dishes that we ordered were good but not exceptional. Both of these restaurants are in Coral Bay, which, IMO, is best place to have dinner while watching the sunset. Nipah Bay Villa Cafe – food is ok, service is not that good, cheaper price compared to the two.

There are lots of options there. So, there’s no need to worry about getting hungry. Though, you will need to prepare enough food budget because they aren’t that cheap. Otherwise, you the nhave to worry about getting hungry. :p

Getting there:
From KL: We took a PlusLiner bus (RM25 one-way) from Puduraya Bus station which took more than 4 hours to reach Lumut Jetty Terminal… 4++ hours!. Unfortunately, this bus line passes through Ipoh first before going to Lumut. Otherwise, bus trip will only take 3+ hours. Going back was even worse! It took us 5++hours to reach KL!

Remember: Take Konsortium or Transnasional bus lines instead.

Lumut Jetty Terminal

From Lumut Jetty Terminal, you’ll have to buy a RM10 (two-way) ticket to board. Trip will take 30 – 45 minutes. Jetty schedule is not a problem as they leave every 15 minutes or so. Take note that you will need to disembark after the second stop. I’m not sure where the first stop leads to. When you’ve tried it, on purpose or by accident, share the info. :p


Pangkor Jetty Terminal. Of course, taxi drivers are bundled at the exit

Once you reach Pangkor Jetty Terminal, you will need to hire a Pink Van (taxi) to reach your accommodations. To reach Nipah Guesthouse, we spent RM15 (2 pax). Same price going back to the terminal. I’m not sure though whether it’s a fixed price for all destinations.


Thy Pink Van


Here’s some additional information, courtesy of Nipah Guesthouse:
Pangkor’s first stop is mainly for the locals staying on the island cause thereΒ is where they park their motorbikes. There are no taxi stands there.

The RM15.00 taxi fare for 2 person is fixed from Pangkor jetty to Teluk Nipah and return. But it’s a different rate if heading to Pasir Bogak or Teluk Dalam.


10 thoughts on “Beach-ing at Pulau Pangkor

  1. Amazing photos bro! Especially your epic hammock shot! I’ve been to Pangkor a couple of times but never seen that “couple’s tree” spot. Would like to find it next time i’m going, can you share where that is? Or how you sorta get there? Thanks!


  2. Hi Justin,

    Thanks for dropping by. πŸ™‚

    The couple’s tree is in the area of the Coral Beach, a 10-minute walk from our accommodation – Nipah Guesthouse.

    I saw that their local tours include this one. I’m not quite sure though if they will drop you off there or just pass by it. But, I think it’s more worth it to go on your own since it’s free and is just a couple of minutes walk from the shore.

    It’s nearby Fu Lin Kong Temple, if I remember correctly. πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks heaps dude! Fu Lin Kong Temple is on the other side. But I know, you’re referring to that small sorta hidden temple on the north side. Thanks! Will check it out next time I’m there! Meanwhile great blog and keep on posting!


      1. Oh I see.. Seems like I “googled” the wrong temple then.. hehe
        But I suppose we’re thinking of that same small temple by the beach πŸ™‚

        Thanks again for visiting! πŸ™‚


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