BBQ cum Pool Party at Tonette’s

2nd half of July and the 1st half of August was indeed tiring for me. Working ’til 2 in the morning – everyday, is such a big pain in the brain and toot toot. Nevertheless, challenges were successfully conquered!

I wasn’t the only one in such state that time, rest of the black sheeps were just as busy – especially Mother Sheep (Tupang Ina). Then again, all is well that ends well, and then repeat the process x times.

delightfully full πŸ™‚

Dimzy and Jules’ birthday fell on that busy schedule. So, we had to postpone the Tupang celebration last Saturday – our usual BBQ-cum-pool-cum-videoke party, at Tupang Ina’s place.

More photos inside. Enjoy!

enjoying the pool on a lazy saturday

heating up

chilling down

Pork Steak ala Tonette

Pansit ala Topi

Liempo ala Dimzy-Jaoie

Grilled Prawns .. ekk .. :p

Jules’ mix .. πŸ˜€

Tonette’s Chocolate Ganache Pie… More Please! πŸ˜€

Tonette’s Chocolate Souffle, a good combi for the delicious coffee

prepping the drinks

Ooops… Hehe…

Jaoie and Dimzy’s “stolen shot” :p

Topi’s on a diet, really.. :p

Ladies. They. Just. Ate.


4 thoughts on “BBQ cum Pool Party at Tonette’s

  1. Finally we had time to eat…drink & be merry ΓΌ.. Sabi nga ni mr. Censored..”sino may sabing mahirap ang buhay OFW…” ahahahaa

    Thanks for the nice shots… Gsto ko na nmn tuloy bumili ng dslr… Hmmmm… Ü

    Ps. Ang ganda ko jan… An ganda ng lens ahanaha… E wla p nga kong kaayos ayos jan e ahahhha. =p


    1. OFWs na nag-s-souffle and ganache, with matching strawberry daiquiri (ata)… lol

      Bili na Jaoie! Sasamahan pa kita sa pagbili.. tapos bili mo rin ako ng lens, mura lang naman, mga 5k lang. hahahah


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