A Gift of Hope

Few days ago, I was given the opportunity to take photos of a young man – a 9-month old baby, who was about to undergo an eye surgery. His eyes have cataract, and does not have an iris. It was really saddening to learn that a baby has to endure such. Fortunately, Scope International, through the Seeing is Believing initiative, has sponsored his surgery and iris implants. A blessing that his parents, who are also blind, are surely grateful of.

an eye-shut before seeing the world more vividly

At first, I was reluctant to take the role, because I really didn’t want to be in a situation where I’ll see people, let alone little ones, in pain. And, it was actually my first time to take portrait shots of people unknown to me. It was out of my comfort zone. Nevertheless, I nodded. It was really rewarding on my part to have shared a moment of happiness with this family.

painful it may be at first, but it comes with a brighter future

Our shoot was supposedly before his surgery, at 9:30 AM. However, since Darwishy as how the nurse cheerfully calls him, was awoken early and was crying, they had to bring him inside the operating room for an early start. So, my colleague and I had to come back in the afternoon to take the after-surgery photos instead. With that, came my prayer that Darwishy’s operation is successful. It was. 🙂 Though he still has to come back to have his other eye treated. Then again, it’s a very good start.

a sign of relief

by your side, always.

thankful and grateful

seeing through the heart, Seeing is Believing


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