Thistle Resort – Port Dickson

Here’s a quick break from all the Japan-ness.

Due to insistent family public demand, I’m posting this ahead of the others. So, for those waiting for the continuation of my Japan entry, please hold your horses. Family photos come first. Or else, I might not be able to go home anymore… Hehehe 😛


Thy Guests. Thy Family.

Moving forward…

My family has once again visited Malaysia. But this time around, my grandmother came along, all the way from USA. Initial plan was that my Uncle, Aunt, and 2 cousins will come along. Unfortunately, that didn’t push through. I was looking forward to seeing them again as it has already been a while.


Mama Penguin… LOL

My family stayed for 4 days, most of which we spent at malls. Aside from the rain, my Grandma (who we call as Mama), has difficulties in prolonged walking. So, we had to make sure that there’s a good and comfy place for her to rest when she gets tired. And besides, she’s already happy just to see me. Hahaha. Yeah, yeah. I’m also a lola’s boy. I admit.

Mama and her huge Sugar Apple (Atis)

Cleopatra? O Malandika? 😛


But before the mall-hopping, we went to Port Dickson for our first swimming excursion for this year. We went to Thistle Resort (TripAdvisor), which is an hour and so drive from Kuala Lumpur. Pats, however,  rode the KTM Komuter train from KL to Seremban, as she still went to office that day. We just fetched her at the Seremban station (approx. 30 minutes away from the resort) and had dinner at a nearby complex.


Welcome to Thistle Resort.


The resort is rather huge, given since it’s a golf resort anyway. They also offer team building activities, and stuff such as: flying fox, hiking, etc. But we were not there for that. Mama = Flying Fox? Na ah… 😛

Family’s Postcard Shot

Their pool is enormous and clean, very much welcoming for those who wants to take a dip. During that time, guests were quite few (or probably out doing the team building activities) which was why the pool looked so big for me.

nice pool area indeed 🙂

may asim pa…. ang sukang paumbong.. hehehe

Bi-be Bi-be Bi-be Oooohhh… (ala Justin Bibe-r) LOL

Ilaw ng Tahanan sa Haligi

Haligi ng Tahana sa mga Haligi

Hot! Water! Hehe

Their beach, however, is not really that nice. You can swim in it, but we opted not to. If you were able to swim in the beaches of Cavite (Philippines) back in the 90’s, that’s how this one looks.

planning to swim?

The night before, we planned to stay by the beach for some fresh sea air early the next morning, and probably a quick dip. But, we didn’t. We just took some photos and headed back to the pool. Maybe, my expectations of a beach is much more different after experiencing Boracay, Phuket, and Maldives. Standards! 😛

few photos, then back to the pool… :p

Aside from Port Dickson, I brought them again to Petronas Tower for Mama’s photoshoot. A photo in Petronas is a must when you’re in KL, right?

uhh wacky shot?

hindi pa naman nila kamukha si Pats… lol

mama’s pa-cute shot

bibe Shot

gwapingn shot

hindi papahuli shot

mama and the tower

pictorial? hehe

That is, basically, how their vacation was this time. Few photos. Short stay. Long drive. I did miss my family after all. 🙂


Coffee break at Secret Recipe


Palpitating Pats? Hehehe


Spicy Nasi Lemak? No no for them. 😛


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