Crossing-out Japan from “The List”

I’m back in Malaysia.

Our Japan trip ended just like that. 10 days sounds long, but, it’s really not enough. Well, that’s what all people say anyway, no matter how many days you go on a trip. *sigh*

Since I wasn’t able to see Mt. Fuji clearly, not to mention Cherry Blossoms, and a Sumo match, a Kabuki Show, a Geisha/Maiko Performance, I could say that I have only seen a tiny portion of Japan.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the entire trip.

But, we’ll definitely come back.

So, I’m just partially crossing-out Japan from “The List”.

I’m in the process of editing the photos that I took there. It may take a short while. So, please bear with me. šŸ˜€

For now, here’s a photo of me and Pats, Japanese style. šŸ˜‰


chun-li vs bhog-lee šŸ˜€


7 thoughts on “Crossing-out Japan from “The List”

  1. Nice picture. It’s true that its never enough days whenever you go on vacation since there are so much to see and so much to do. So where is the next vacation gonna be? Try tog et a US visa so you two can come visit us here.

    Tita Irma


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