Maroon 5 in KL

After an entire week of frustrating Assembly Language training, my then info-overloaded brain needed to unwind to welcome the coming long weekend. We did just that last Friday night. How? Pats and I went to Bukit Jalil to watch Maroon 5’s concert and woohoo-ed our lungs out to their music.


Malaysia, rocking with Maroon 5 at the Bukit Jalil Stadium

We were there just before the concert started at 9:30 pm. Pats and I went there along with Brett, Donna, and Sienna. Few new friends we’ve met during one badminton session. Anyway, place was not so packed, but crowded enough for us to smell not-so-pleasant-but-you-have-no-choice-coz-it’s-a-concert-and-everyones-sweating odor. Nauseating… Hehe… We stayed at the back of the standing area, enough for us to see the band, and join the rocking crowd.


waiting to jam – Donna, Sienna, Pats

They’ve played almost all of their released songs from the first and second albums. The crowd got hyped upon hearing the intros for This Love, She Will Be Loved, Harder To Breathe, Makes Me Wonder. Likewise for the songs from their new album Hands All Over – Misery, Never Gonna Leave This Bed, and Give A Little More. And of course, everyone sang along with the band.


Adam Levine

For finale, they sang my favorite song from their first album – Songs About Jane. Here’s a video of Sunday Morning. Though I wasn’t able to capture the first verse…missed it by that much… 😛


What say you?

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