Pancake House

It was once in Sunway Pyramid and KL Pavilion, Malaysia. To our dismay, both were eventually closed. We thought it’s closure was a total shutdown – like Cagayan Restaurant, another Filipino-restaurant here in MY, which I was not able to try at least once. Good thing, it wasn’t the case for Pancake House.


“At Home” at Pancake House

Back in the Philippines, I only have eaten at Pancake House once – as far as I can recall. But here in Malaysia, since the restaurant’s a gem – for having Tinapa and Beef Tapa, we made sure to eat there at least once in a while. And since it just re-opened it’s doors to the public, at MidValley Megamall, Pats chose to have our Friday lunch-out there.


Orders’ Up

Their place is quite small, or maybe it’s just Friday and all Pinoys (Filipinos) were eye-ing for the newly opened branch to grab their fave rice meal. All seats were occupied, and a few are in the waiting queue. Fortunately, there was a kind lady who allowed us to share with her table since she’s alone. Galing mo Pats! Hehe.

Of course, without further delay, we ordered their Tinapa and Beef Tapa rice meals. Ahhh… Just the way it tasted back home. Love it. πŸ™‚


Sought for Tinapa (Smoked Fish) πŸ˜€


Tasty Beef Tapa (Jerky)

I’m not sure though if their pancakes and crepes are good. Maybe we’ll try this weekend. Can? Can! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Pancake House

    1. Last time na nakita namin yung Pancake House sa Pavilion, marami naman kumakain.

      Yung Yellowcab sa Lot 10 pa lang na-try namin, bukas pa sha a couple of months ago. Though kame lang yung kumakaen nun. Ewan lang ngayon kung bukas pa. Hehe.


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