Las Carretas Mexican Restaurant

One Friday night, after all work has been supposedly done, me and the rest of the black sheeps – minus Jules plus Crized, went off to Jalan Semantan, Damansara Heights to have a gluttonous night with frozen margaritas and loud chit-chats. That is after Tonette toured us around Damansara Heights (read: lost). Hehehe.

makes sense… 😉

Anyway, we went there with food-hungry stomachs, and relaxation-hungry selves. Those hunger were then satiated with all the good dishes served and the kwentuhan that went along with it.

chef mariachi

The day before, I already have the Wagyu Cheeks in mind. So, ignoring all the other dishes, I placed my order with an addition of a Pan-Seared Foie Gras. Ahh… What a good way to end a work week…

Wagyu Cheeks with Pan-Seared Foie Gras… simply nice… 😀

Aside from the Wagyu Cheeks, we also had several dishes, all of which were good and tasteful. 😀

For one, we had the delightful Baby Back Ribs.

Baby Back Ribs… it’s been a while… 😀

Also, the DIY Chicken Fajitas. We also had a few messy Tacos, which I wasn’t able to try.

tacky tacos

A pitcher of Frozen Margarita. And, another half-pitcher of Frozen Strawberry Margarita for the ladies.

salted up

now serving

There also was an on-going event during that night – the Chateau blah blah. So, lots of red wines were being served. However, we’re not part of it as it’s paid separately. Hehehe…

for display only… aww…

Nevertheless, the dinner and chit chats were great, giving me enough justification to say: “Thank God It’s Free!”.

compañero y compañeras

Thanks Toffee for the FREE dinner! Sa uulitin! 😀

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