He was also there for Papi

This morning, just a few moments after I woke up, I reached for my phone and read a very sad and heart-breaking SMS from my Dad.

Lolo has passed away. 😦

Not fully awake, and caught off-guard, I just sat on my bed. Stunned. Shocked.

Checked my roaming phone, and saw my sister SMS the same. Saw a Facebook alert, Mom sent the same message. It’s damn true.

So, this is how it feels to lose someone important to you.

The man has been a good part of my childhood, just like any grandfather to his (first) grandson.

I may not have a clear image of how he was when I was very young, but stories from my parents, and him, was more than enough for me to say as such.

And, most of the old songs that I know now, I owe it to him and his good ‘ol music machine. Sunday visits to their home at Malabon back then wasn’t complete without those old songs. Now, the place will be quiet. No more nagging from my Lola, and no more songs played by the old man. May he now rest in peace. Salamat Lo.

The last time I have seen him – more than a year ago… 😦


Lolo’s Interment…

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