I ♥ Hong Kong


I don’t know where this “I ♥ –insert place here-” originated. But as far as I’m concerned, I first saw one with HK in it. And, I agree.

Now Filming, in HK

Note: Loads of pictures inside. 🙂

Undeniably, I also love HK – for few reasons, which I’m too lazy to elaborate. But I guess HK production support wouldn’t agree much, eh? 😛

Anyway, Pats and I have ventured (again – for me) to this city after our overnight stay at Macau. We rode a ferry from the Macau Ferry Terminal going to HK Ferry Terminal located at Queensbay, which took around 45 minutes.

After a short MTR ride from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui station, we checked-in at our hotel – Golden Crowne, settled and rest a bit, before leaving for The Peak.

– Golden Crowne Guest House –

We stayed at Golden Crowne Guest Hose located at Tsim Sha Tsui, as suggested by Lanie. It’s just a few minutes away from TST MTR station. So, it was very convenient for us. Our room was around HK$400/night, if I remember correctly.

The room we had was tad small though. There’s not enough room to put our mid-size luggages. Floor space is occupied by one queen-sized bed, tv shelf, and the rest is for your feet to walk at. I’ve seen other rooms which are better, but I’m not sure how much they cost.

They offer free drinking water, wi-fi, computer-usage (if you don’t have any mobile device with you), and can keep your luggage if your flight is not until morning – like us.

Also, they sold us discounted tickets for Disneyland and Ocean Park (less HK$20.00). Nifty!

And the guy at the reception was very helpful in giving information. In general, aside from the cramped room, the guest house was OK for us.

For other details, you may visit their website: Golden Crowne

– The Peak –

It’s rather easy to go there. Just an MTR ride to Central, walk a few minutes – towards the Bank of China building, and you’ll see signages saying “The Peak Tram”. There are a couple of signs along the way, so I think anyone will easily find it.

A peek on The Peak

Viewing HK city at night, atop the hill, was breath-taking. Add an uber cold breeze touching your face, really breath-taking… coz you’ll be filled with phlegm and snot, can’t breathe right anymore – for my case. Hehe. That is during winter though, I’m not sure how it is during other times of the year. (Note: No tripod used, pics got some shake)

saw this view by chance

view from the Sky Terrace

Cold, izzit??

Queue to the ticket counter and to board the tram was quite long and unorganized. Unfortunately, management was not able to control the crowd past the ticket booth. It was like riding the MRT back at the Philippines – we had to push our way in… Going down, however, is better.

People waiting to board… or for Pats to go down… :p

For more info on how to reach The Peak, visit this site: Click Here.

You may visit the same site to check the ticket prices. We bought the HK$56 ticket, which granted us a 2-way ride on The Peak Tram ride, and access to the Sky Terrace.


Afterwards, we went straight to the night market at Mongkok for some shopping and bargaining.

– Night Market –

Oh well, we basically did window shopping at the Ladies Market and the night market at Temple Street. The Ladies Market seemed different though from how I remember it from years back. It seems like there were fewer shops and stuff to buy.

Walking along Sai Yeung Choi Street South is a different story. It’s very much the same (or more). There were lots of people: shoppers, bystanders, performers, mobsters – or they look like it. It’s an uber lively and busy street.

Of course, we stopped by some food shops there.

Taro Bubble Tea, nice… 😉

fried snacks…oily but good. fried squid, the best! 😀

the busy street – @ the Ladies

– Ngong Ping 360 / Tian Tan Buddha-

Early the next morning – well, not really… At around 9:30 AM, we went off to visit the Ngong Ping Village and Tian Tan Buddha (aka Giant Buddha) at Lantau Island. Fortunately, our way there was fast and easy, hassle-free compared to the queue around lunch time. It was tiring-ly long! One long line to the ticket booth, and one long line towards the cable car. Lucky us!

On the way to Ngong Ping Village…in Pink

This Way

Tickets? Secured.

We bought the HK$176 ticket, which comprises of a round-trip cable car ride (standard cabin), and 2 theater shows (Walking with Buddha, and Monkey’s Tale Theater). We actually didn’t notice that we could buy the cable car ride ticket alone, which was just HK$115. I should say that “Walking with Buddha” was rather interesting. Monkey’s Tale? Didn’t bother to watch. 😛

On the way up

Ngong Ping Village is quite small but pretty – photogenic. And… it has Starbucks. 😀



That time, there were also some food stalls, which sold tasty and delicious snacks. Of course, my hungry stomach craved for something…

Food Stalls at the Village. Breaaaaaakfaaaaaasttt!!!

After munching, and watching one theater show, we headed straight to the Giant Buddha, which was situated atop a hill. So, a little climb was needed. Buti na lang malamig! If you’ve been to Batu Caves here in Malaysia, you would know that climbing on a hot day isn’t satisying at all… no Kim Saguil? Hehe.

good thing I ate first… a rather long climb.

Finally reached the top. Meet Buddha.

a humble offering.

had to do silly poses for this shot, worth it, I must say. 🙂

another “worth it” shot, IMO

We took a few photos and headed back to the village to grab a hot Caramel Macchiato and a Chocolate Log. A good hot coffee on a cold morning – late breakfast actually.

on the way down. time to grab something to eat… again!

Chocolate Log @ Starbucks. Nice.

– Hong Kong Disneyland –

Hey Mickey! and Ozzy! and Papi!

A Station Away

Few years ago, my family and I spent New Year’s eve at Disneyland. I remember well how Candy – my younger sister, was all frowns, as we all wanted to go back to the city except her.

mickey up a-head

That time, crowd was quite huge, but not as much as when Pats and I went there. Queue on every ride, and photo ops with the characters was quite long.

To avoid the queue, catch

So, we decided to just stroll aroud, chill , and people-watch for a couple of hours.

With Arms Wide Open

Mickey, hanged.

pretty princess pats 😉

After a while, we’ve decided to ride the train that circles the whole park, since the queue there wasn’t that long.

train ride (before going) home

Then, we called it a day – for Mickey, because we still went to find H&M store, a different night market (in Temple Street), and back to Mongkok again for some window shopping.

just plastic bag for souvenir… just plastic bag…

– Victoria Harbour –

Tour’s almost over, even if we didn’t want to. We still need to go home, right?

For our last day, we spent the entire morning walking along Victoria Harbour, which is a couple of minutes away from our guest house.

a “must” shot when you’re on harbour front

We stopped by the Heritage Hotel for some photos first as they have some nice stuff at the facade.

a stop at heritage

time travel

A little more walk, and we reached the Clock Tower – the remnant of the once Kowloon Station.

best of the set, IMO 😉

the clock tower

model shoot? 😀

Few more snaps at the harbour and we walked towards The Avenue of Stars.


Sun was getting high and hot by that time. So, we didn’t spend much time there. Just a few photos and off we went back to our hotel to check-out.


hrmmm…ok… — cannot think of any caption, really… 😛

– Ocean Park –

Since our flight was not until 1:00 AM, we still had ample time to visit Ocean Park. So, we did.

at Ocean Park

Bus tickets going to Ocean Park can be bought at Admiralty MTR Station – I forgot the price though. Anyway, we only bought the bus tickets since we already had our tickets, at a cheaper price, from the guesthouse.

Just like in Disney, crowd was huge. We spent an hour, I think, just to ride the Mine Train Roller Coaster. I only wanted to ride this one, so we didn’t bother to wait in line.

nice view, ayt?

After that, we didn’t bother to queue up on the other rides, not even the cable car. We, however, still went to the Atoll Reef, just to let time pass.

aquarium channel

We then got hungry and grabbed a quick snack at the Terrace Cafe before leaving. The view is indeed nice but the food ain’t that great – our burger for that matter. The price doesn’t give much justification, IMO.

our uber big burger

water island


Few minutes before 6PM, off we went to the bus station for us to go back to our guesthouse and leave for the airport. Last trip of the bus going bak to Admiralty Station is at 6PM.

trip is almost done

If you’ve missed the bus, I honestly don’t know how to go back… 😛
Anyway, we reached the bus station just in the nick of time. So, I won’t be able to help you. (^_^)V

time to go home…

Time passes by so quickly whenever you’r enjoying a trip or any activity. But when you’re working, HELL NO!

Moving on, it’s been a great trip for the both of us. Hong Kong marked the end of our Travel Log for 2010. It’s been an exciting journey this year, and we’re looking forward to more “We Were There” moments.

2011, Are you ready!?

Hai! 😉


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