Nov 2010 Road Trip – Putrajaya and I-City

When Tonette – our Tupang Ina (Mother Sheep), left Malaysia for her vacay at Australia, she entrusted Viva (her car) to us. Being the home buddies we always were, we – the Tupang Anaks, went road-tripping the same night after we sent her off to the airport…and the following day as well. Hehe. :p

viva! viva!

Warning: Lots of pics inside… πŸ˜‰

– Putrajaya –

We: Toffee, Pats, and I, went straight to Putra Jaya coming from the airport. We parted ways with Marky since we already borrowed a GPS to use. So, we didn’t get lost…much. We were able to get there safely and unscathed.

just arrived

at a bridge in front of the Putrajaya Convention Center

It was actually my first time going there having the intention of taking photos ala turista. Putra Jaya is indeed nice for photo ops, I must say.

somewhere in Putrajaya... hehe

Topi's Moment

catching a glimpse of the Putrajaya Bridge...

We were not able to spend a lot of time there though since it was rather late, and we’ll be going to church early the next day. So, our photo trip was cut short after we have visited the Pink Mosque. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed the short trip. Remind me, next time, I must bring a tripod.

graduates' night-out

- EOD -

– Shah Alam –

The following day, a few hours before dusk, Pats, Toffee, Jaoie, Dimz, and I went to Shah Alam to visit I-City – a supposedly “high-tech” hub for ICT.Β It’s just a few minutes drive from our place and there was no traffic that time. So, our way there was rather quick and easy.

makulay ang buhey

jump shot in multi-color

LED Trees - caused Woody Wood Pecker's untimely death...

LED Leaves... not so Go Green...

However, on our way there, heavy rain began to pour. We thought that it would be a wasted trip. But we still took our chance and headed-on. We stopped at a nearby Petronas Gas Station, just before the Batu Tiga Toll Gate, and had a quickie snack at A&W, having high hopes that rain will stop.

lamang tyan habang umuulan... πŸ˜‰

shempre panulak... :p

Fortunately, after we have eaten, rain did stop! Yey! And we were able to continue with our I-City trip.

At first, we thought we went to the wrong place. We were asked to park inside a building which no other cars were parked. Imagine an empty car park scene where zombies come rushing out of everywhere. That dark, empty and quiet car park. Yes, that one. Nevertheless, we lparked the car and went to the nearest elevator, which brought us to the top floor. Yep, you’ve read it right, it’s on the top floor of that car park / building. I didn’t expect that one.


After a few minutes walk, we were able to find the park, and a few restaurants. It was then empty. Well, just a few peeps were there as it was still early and rain hasn’t completely subsided yet.

Pats on a tree... sandals on a tree pala... hehe *toink*

As dusk turned to night, more and more people came and the park became crowded. Even the once empty car park was then getting full. The large crowd didn’t hinder us though from taking shots and doing as we pleased. :p

We stayed there until the all the lights were lit as it is more magnificent seen at night than daylight.

all lit up!

After a few more shots, we packed up and headed back home. But before we actually did, we stopped by an Old Town Restaurant at Jaya One for our dinner.

kelangan mag-de kwatro

bulag, pipi, bingi... pero hindi kame mga unggoy... :(|)

– Jaoie and Dimsy’s “Pre-Nup” Photoshoot starts here –

ayown naman!


lighting the peacock

tabingi na kaya yung puno! nagtaas pa ng paa... tsk! :p

parang post card lang πŸ˜€


– Topi’s Photoshoot starts here –

"That's My Boy" ng Naga City

Isumbong mo kay Topi!

show the muskels (?)


light up, lay-up


7 thoughts on “Nov 2010 Road Trip – Putrajaya and I-City

  1. Nice entry fafi! πŸ˜€ Well thanks for the pictures! πŸ™‚

    BTW, i lifted my legs just to make it balanced πŸ˜€ o db???

    Thank you for the nice shots! πŸ˜€ you are one of my favorite photographers ahahahah! well the tita shawie shot excluded … dislike! πŸ˜€

    See you soon! regards to sunrise! πŸ˜€


  2. ayun nmn… i like the prenup shots of sunshine and
    buboy… san na tyo susunod na magroroad trip? si tupang ina eh di
    pa naman babalik… mishu twinie!


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