Cameron Highlands

First time that Pats and I were in Cameron Highlands, we were just friends. Siya pa lang ang may pagnanasa saken nun! Hehe.. 😛 That was in Feb 2009.

That time, we were with then engaged, Lynn and Dikoy. Pats and I shared a room having separate beds, and we played Pusoy Dos ’til wee hours.

Back @ Cameron

This year, we went back there with the blacksheeps: Jaoie, Dimz, Zari, Tonette and her four kids. We stayed there for a night, despite the long weekend in KL – we were in tipid mode, but we still wanted to go somewhere. Mga gala talaga… :p

"Greener Pasture"

We stayed at the Heritage Hotel, a few minutes walk from the city proper, and the previous hotel that we stayed at – Century Pines. It is also just a few blocks away from the bus terminal.

Thee "Resthouse"

We didn’t actually had much time to roam around. Though we were still able to visit Boh’s Tea Plantation, where we had a good sip of hot tea… Ok, I actually had Iced Tea… :p and slices of humble cakes, while enjoying the cool and relaxing hill breeze.

Cold weather doesn't stop me from having Iced Tea 😛

done and over with... snack

We actually wanted to go to Sungei Palas Tea Center – UMMPH! Tea Shop, as lounging there was much better compared to the one where we went. Nevertheless, we still loved the greenery and ‘cool’-ness of the place.

"the original (black sheeps minus Marky)" ... a better term for "the oldies"... peace be with me... LOL!

The "Recruits": Sunshine and Buboy.

We went back to the hotel after the short trip as our hired driver must go back to KL, and being in the passenger seat, I was hearing a lot of sighs from him. He was still courteous though after he brought us back to the hotel. 😀

We didn’t even bother visiting the other parks / farms, such as: Orchid Park, Butterfly Park, Strawberry Farm, Bee Farm, Cactus Farm, since we thought that they’re the same wherever you visit them. And who wouldn’t have visited them before, right?

So, we headed back to our rooms after visiting the tea plantation to rest for a bit, before having our dinner.

We ate dinner at Rosedale (if I remember correctly), after buying ourselves some ‘drinks’ on a nearby ‘drinks’ shop – it was to keep the cold and rainy night a bit warmer… 😀

dinner time!

Got nothing much to do the morning after. We had breakfast at the hotel’s dining area. After which, we prepared for departure. Our bus going back to KL was still scheduled at 2 in the afternoon. So, we were still able to squeeze in a few strolls and photos around the hotel vicinity. And, Dimz was still able to do a ‘mud slide’… lol

Photoshoot starts here 😛

of course we had our piece 😀

All in all, it was a nice short trip. I liked the climate, the simplicity of the place, and the laid back atmosphere it brought to me.

waiting for departure time

But it really would have been better if we were able to go to UMMPH! Nektaym! 🙂

'Sunshine' Joan

'Sunrise' Pats

'Sunset' Tots

'Buboy' Dimsy

Killing time with Kitkat and KoyKoy

Koykoy's new strawberry ear muffs


Kelangan may jump shot XD


Strawberry (W) Rappers

Strolling at the Park

A wave of shrubs


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