Silver + 1

Dang! I’m another year older today, and I’m past that silver year of my life.

Haberdey to Me!

And yet, I’m still a corporate slave… *sigh*

I wasn’t able to do anything last year as I was in the office, working… 1st time, and I hated it.

This time, Pats and I will be watching a movie – a ‘feel-good’ one, and munch at Sushi Zanmai. I do need to feel good today. Ahh.. the simplicities of my life… I was actually planning on doing nothing today. Haha.

Well, I already had a party – a surprise one, last Thursday night, courtesy of the Pats, Tonette, Jules, Zari, Jaoie, Dimz, Linlyn, Kristin, Em, and Felix. I really appreciate it guys, thanks. 🙂

Pats, thanks for planning this one. Mwah!

the party peeps

Linlyn's Special Spag. 😀

Jao and Dimsy's Special Fried Chicken.. Ayos!

Picha Pie

My All-Time Fave Menudo... Thanks Zari! 🙂

Tonette's Bruschetta

Kikapoo for minors :p

— Photos taken using my phone.


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