My family in MY

Two years have passed, and finally, I was able to bring my family here in Malaysia for a quick trip around KL and Penang.

All Jump!

They arrived Tuesday late night, the same night as Paramore’s concert. After the concert, I rushed to LCCT – with hopes of catching the 11:00PM train, for my family’s arrival.

I missed them a lot. So, I was really excited.

Genting Highlands
With just a few hours of sleep after their arrival, off we went to Genting Highlands. Mom kept on mentioning this place on the phone. So, I could say that she’s rather excited.

Nope, this ain't London


Another Sunny Day...

Bump! Bump! Bump!

High Altitude

We were able to finish roaming the park just before 5 PM. So, we’ve decided to get off early for us to have ample time to visit The Petronas Tower.


Fam shots at Penang Hill

With the car ready, hotel booking printed, bags sorted, and driver (me) half-awake, we headed straight to the state of Penang. It’s a four-hours ++ drive, while on a 120 kph run, with a few wrong turns despite being GPS-guided. Hehe. ‘Twas, actually, my first time to drive that long.

Car Shot... but it ain't ours... Thanks Tonette! 😀

Strike a pose!

We stayed at G Hotel, same place that me and my friends stayed at 2 years back. The hotel’s really nice, then and now. Well, for the price, it should. But anyway, we really had a pleasant stay there. Best of all, it’s just a 5-minute walk to the hawker stalls at Gurney Drive. 😀 Of course, we ate dinner at Gurney Drive. Though I think they didn’t enjoy it. 😛

Back at G Hotel

For a day (technically), we drove around Penang, visiting some of the iconic landmarks there: Victoria Clock Tower, Fort Cornwallis, City and Town Hall, Reclining Buddha Temple, and Penang Hill.


We didn’t have much time to visit all sites as we only stayed there for one night, and had to drive back after lunch. Nevertheless, it was…tiring. Hehe. It was good to be back to Penang, even for just a day.

Quick City Tour
We’ve visited The Petronas Tower the night we came back from Genting – photo-ops as usual. You cannot say that you’ve been in Malaysia without a picture at these twin towers. Now, I can say I’ve been in Malaysia – after 2 years. Hehe.

"ugat sa leeg"

john lloyd and bea at Malaysia... 😛

my first picture at Petronas...after 2 years...hehe

The following day, we headed for IKEA. I was certain that Mom would love to go there. So, I placed it on the itinerary. Surely, Mom had a great time there. Good thing those home furnishings doesn’t fit their luggage. Haha!

on the way to Mom's haven

her dream kitchen

maganda ang lighting... hehe

feeling @ home

After the IKEA trip and a quick lunch at Mr. Teppanyaki (@ CineLeisure Damansara), we rode the LRT and headed for Menara KL (KL Tower). We didn’t go up the viewing deck though. They opted not as it was rather expensive. So, in a sense, we just passed by.

The Street @ The Curve

We had coffee at Starbucks (Suria KLCC) after passing by Menara KL. After which, we went home and prepared for church later that evening.

3Areja and 1Malaysia @ Menara KL

Sunway Lagoon Resort

And to end their quick and tiring MY vacation, Pats and I brought them to Sunway Lagoon Resort for a simple family day splash.

Family Day at Sunway on a Sunday

John LLoyd and Bea

Jinky and Manny.. :p

Jinky and Manny pala... :p

Enjoying the Sun... not really... :p

posing but ain't crossing... nah ah..


natural habitat ng bibe :p

kicking 'em sand

wet feet

I’m really delighted to have brought my family here for a visit. Home is with them, definitely.
And finally, the family can cross-out Malaysia from the list. Where to next??? 😀


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