Paramore in KL

It’s a late post, I know. But heck, I’m too busy doing nothing. Mahirap kaya yun!

Anyway, one of the bands that I liked, since college, came to Kuala Lumpur for a stop in their Asian Tour. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Paramore’s concert, as my family was scheduled to arrive in KL on the same night. Though, I wish we were in the “fan zone”, just like during Mariah’s free concert in the SG Grand Prix, to jam the hell out of the night. Nevertheless, ’twas a rocking 2-hour concert at the Bukit Jalil Stadium. No close-up pics though… 😦

should've been there, closer to the stage

Having a female vox in our band during college, we used to jam to Paramore’s music, as it fits her voice and style. Good ‘ol days… I really do miss those sessions. \m/

the fiery red-haired gal from afar


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