Escaping the Hagglers

I got pissed this very early morning.

Coming from the Low-Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at past midnight (sent off my family who visited KL), Pats and I needed to hire a cab from KL Sentral going back to the condo. LRT was not available anymore during that time. So, we had no choice but to take the cab. During the day, with no traffic, a cab ride from Section 14 to KL Sentral costs roughly RM11~13. So, for midnight rate (meter rate + 50%), it should only cost around RM20.

Last night, however, we were barraged by several no-good, money-licking hagglers a.k.a. taxi drivers. All of them offered their services, but all were haggling to the tune of RM30. RM25 was considerable, but 30, nope.

Disembarking from a bus coming from LCCT, the normal scenario is: taxi drivers pile up at the bus door, waiting for passengers and offering their services. And, they often chase the passengers if they show some signs of interest. It wasn’t different for us.

Scene 1: A Malay driver asked us for RM30. We said no, and asked for a metered ride. The driver said no, pointed to his watch, and said: “Meter cannot, midnight already.”. Since when was this law implemented!?

Scene 2: As we walked away from Malay driver 1, Malay driver 2 chased us asking: “You want meter? Come. You wait here, I’ll get my taxi.”. Thought he was ok? Nope, he wasn’t. We already thought something’s fishy. And just as what we expected, he drove his Super Cab – a bigger taxi that charges more than the usual cab. Smart *ss.

Scene 3: We rejected driver 2’s service and walked away, saying that we only needed a normal cab (we didn’t have any luggages), that uses meter. In just a matter of seconds, a Chinese guy chased us, and offered: “Ok, meter. You pay me double.”. Wow! We’re sleepy, not stupid.

Scene 4: After rejecting the Chinese guy, an Indian driver then came next, and said the same when we asked for a metered ride: “Meter cannot, past midnight already.”.

As we walked away from ground zero, I noticed that the Indian driver was somehow chasing another passenger, and he was literally running towards the guy. Ignoring the scene, Pats and I walked towards the exit of the station and was able to get a cab for RM25. As we passed back ground zero in a cab, I noticed that the guy chased by the Indian driver was then talking to a police officer. I think he was being harassed that time. Oh well.

I don’t want to be a racist or what, but these type of guys really gets the shite out of me. They are worse than those that I’ve encountered back in PH.


What say you?

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