Singapore, Take Two

The last time I was in Singapore, my family and I welcomed 2008. Two years after, I went back there with Pats to watch our first F1 Grand Prix, live. And, a little bit of mall-hopping, a short side trip to Universal Studios and Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Colors of Singapore

Honestly, I’m not a fan of F1. I just get bored watching them cars go round and round and round in what seems like an endless loop. But that changed the moment I heard the ear-bleeding engine sound of the F1 cars passing by, leaving numbness to my left-then-right ear. Beat that THX and Dolby!

I could really use a 70-200mm here...hehe

We only bought the Sunday pass since our – Pats’ actually, real goal was not to watch the race. The real reason for us being there was to see Mariah Carey – Pats’ long-time idol, perform live. Now that explains her email old address… lol

Mariah lumba lumba lol Pis Pats! :p

The moment she heard the news that the diva will be coming to Singapore for a concert, her mind was set that we should be there. And so, we did.

Photographer's View

Luckily, we were able to enter the Fan Zone. It was rather crowded with guys and gals, and everything in between – singing along and swaying along. You know what I mean.

We were a few feet away from the stage and we were not able to move forward anymore. But, in matter of few seconds, Pats was able to squish-in in between crowd, leaving me behind, when Mariah came out to the stage. Now that’s a fan. 😛

Audience Perspective

I didn’t like what the diva was doing on-stage (just search in YouTube), but that’s what you get for a free concert anyway. However, I have to admit that I was fascinated by her voice.

Day before the race and concert, Pats, Doan, and I mall-hopped and strolled around Orchard Road, Bugis Street, and a few more that I can’t recall.

you belong?

the 1-dollar ice cream

back @ bugis

Your Singapore... can be mine as well... :p

Saturday night, the three of us went to Universal Studios and bought the night tickets to see part of the theme park. It costs SGD5.00, compared to the SGD75.00 of the day tickets. Catch was, everything, except the souvenir shops and few restaurants, are closed.

the renowned globe

For the price of the night entry tickets, it was quite worth it. Furthermore, they had fireworks display before the park’s closing time.

the cast of madagascar

where to?

The following afternoon – Sunday, we met up with Jec and Dek, and we went to the Marina Bay Sands hotel to check-out its classy-ness. Sands SkyPark – reminiscent to a ferry boat when viewed from the top, has an infinity pool overlooking Marina Bay. I’m not sure how long the pool is, if it stretches over to the other side, because we only had access to a portion of it. But what we saw was tad nice. We didn’t have enough budget to check-in there. So, limited access for us… Probably next time. 😉

Infinity Pool @ Marina Bay Sands

In order for non-guests to access the SkyPark, they would need to pay SGD 20.00, which grants them access to the observation deck and portion of the pool area. Take note that you won’t be able to swim, not even dip a finger, in their pool unless you’re a guest.

I bet the view's nice 😉

The observation deck gives a fantastic bird’s eye view of the city. I bet it would be great there during the night as well. Because of the Grand Prix, it was only open ’til 4PM for some “private function”. There goes SGD 20.00.

Sands SkyPark ObservationDeck

magnificent view from the top

After the SkyPark, we went straight to 7107 restaurant for our lunch – take note: lunch @ past 4PM, and due to my hunger, I didn’t even manage to take “food pictures”. Anyway, the restaurant serves authentic, delicious, and tasty Filipino dishes. We ordered Sisig, Crispy Pata, Laing (love this), and Lumpiang Ubod. Hahay! No diet this time. And for dessert? None other than Leche Flan and Halo-Halo. Oooh! How I missed thee!

Leche Flan and Halo-Halo...Suuweeet!

After eating, we went straight to Gate 7 and prepped up for the race. We’ve spent the entire night snapping photos, cheering with the crowd, watching the race, sweating at Mariah’s concert.

@ Gate 7

Permission granted :p

ladies of the off-the-track..hehe

waiting for the start

the walkabout crowd...watching the race via the screen

busy night

It was a fun experience, really. The hype, the crowd, the race was simply great. But then again, I still am not a fan of watching the race on TV. 😛

Doan, thanks for letting us crash at your room. Hopefully, the snores wasn’t much of a trouble. 😛

Sa uulitin! 🙂


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