Celebration at Neroteca

To celebrate Pats’ [censored] birthday, we (the baa baa black sheeps, minus Zari, plus Jaoie) have prepared a simple salubong dinner at Neroteca Restaurant. And, we literally and figuratively pigged out.

wish-a-wish for the birthday girl

Initially, the plan was to have it at Frangipani, as I’ve been wanting to bring Pats there since the time I chose Cafe Cafe KL over it. Unfortunately, it’s closed on Mondays. So, we went to Neroteca instead, which is also a good place for such occasions.

Neroteca is located at the ground floor of the Somerset Hotel, which is at Lorong Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur – not that I know how to go there by myself. Just follow your GPS, or Google it. Hehe.

ladies at the Neroteca Restaurant

Alex, the store manager, was kind enough to help us with our little surprise. And, thanks a lot to Jules for the help in sorting things out. Cheers!

the sheeps with the manager, Alex

After work, Pats and I went to the restaurant by ourselves, where Alex has welcomed us and guided us to a table for two. After a few minutes of skimming over their menu, we ordered 2 glasses of red wine and 2 dishes. At this point, according to her, she’s already expecting the bouquet.  So, not much of a surprise anymore, when Alex handed me the package.

But, since Pats thought that we’ll be spending the salubong dinner by ourselves, she was quite surprised when the rest of the gang came in. Oh, I think I psyched her up a bit when I said that we will be doing some ballroom dancing, and that I prepared some steps for her. Next time. Next time. 😛

the real surprise

As the sheeps settled, we have asked for the dishes be served. We only ordered a few though as the servings is quite humongous.

For the price, it should be.

Normally, for Italian restaurants, you’ll expect Pizza and Pasta on the menu. Of course, they do have them. But for this occassion, we opted to ‘pig out’. So, we ordered the Mixed Grilled Platter and Suckling Pig. Oh, and Mediterranean Salad to balance the good cholesterol and healthy fats out.

These three dishes were more than enough for the five of us. And we even had a lot of leftovers, which we (Toffee, Pats, and me) still ate the following day. Cholesterol galore!

The Mixed Grilled Platter consisted of various grilled pork, lamb, and chicken parts.  Most of them tastes good. But the (pork) bacon was exceptional, or maybe I just missed it that much.

mixed grilled platter - bacon's the best!

The suckling pig was great as well, but sucks the good health out of you. The ordeal could have been better though if Mang Tomas was there. 😉

suckling pig, oozing with cholesterol... fabuloso 😀

Our mediterranean salad was rather nice as well. It has a sweet and chewy chili of some sort, which I personally liked.

mediterranean salad - to balance it all... yeah right...

All in all, it’s nice restaurant for small gatherings and what not. And, our salubong was quite fun and “full” and “filling”. I just hope that Pats enjoyed and liked our little surprise… even if she already expected the bouquet, and the plan didn’t really come as how I planned it.

after pigging out

it's 12am! You're now officially (censored)! 😛

jaoie's gift (napilitan at wala nang nagawa) 😛

in her new dress 😀


6 thoughts on “Celebration at Neroteca

    1. haaaa! 30! eehehehehe 🙂

      .. I know, I know .. you loved my gift! that was my first pay check my dear!!! 🙂 you deserve it. mwah! d ako napilitan 🙂 sobrang napilitan ahahahah joke lemeng 😀


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