I may not be travelling or wandering around much, but my mind is doing all that for me, right now. I can’t sleep.
Heck! I think I’m too occupied thinking about work stuff that I even dream about it. As Ron would probably say, “Ew!”.

My eyes hurt right now; it stings, could be due to prolonged exposure to the monitor’s glare, or maybe lack of sleep.
Time check: 12:45AM. I need to freaking shut-down, but I can’t. My mind is still wide awake, and it is still thinking of what words to put after this period.

Anyway, for those who haven’t noticed yet, I have published 2 pages of random non-sense. You may point your cursor to the “Everything Else” menu item at the top of my blog. They are done in Tagalog, because I can better express non-sense stuff using my native tongue. I think I’ll be updating this area more often. But I’ll be travelling again soon, and I’m excited about it. So, better watch out for my delayed posts on them.

Realization point… Does anyone read my blog? I dunno. Sheesh. Pathetic.


6 thoughts on “Wandering

  1. i know exactly how you feel. though i have not experienced that feeling for quite some time (wala akong ginagawa dito lol)

    oddly enough, i am still very much stressed, but not at work. rather outside of work, since i have had this apartment unit made. all the expenses and the underlying issues have made my head ache. to think that this isn’t even my real house yet.


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