GSSC-KL Annual Dinner 2010

Gothic and Glam’s the theme for this year’s Dinner and Dance, and of course, we’re there… just late.

the black sheeps

The event was held at Putrajaya International Convention Center, an hour (or more) travel from KL. Why did they even thought of doing the event there!? It’s freaking far! Last year‘s venue was way better and nearer, IMO.

It’s my first time to go to Putrajaya to be honest, but still, I wasn’t fascinated at all by the fact that we had to travel far to get to the event. Good thing, Juliver is kind enough to fetch us.

We weren’t able to see the performances for that night. But I really didn’t care much, food was all I can think of that time.

black for goth, us for glam 😛

As you have read, we were late. And by late I mean, 3 hours late. The event started at around 7:00 PM and we arrived at past 10:00 PM. Fortunately, there was still food that time, and that’s all my rumbling stomach needed.

After the event, as usual, we headed for the after-party. Jules brought us to Zouk Club for some dancing and drinking. However, it was uber crowded and a lot of people stinks. So, we headed next to Frangipani to lounge and grab a few more drinks. But being the designated driver, I had to control my intake. 😛

At around 5:00 AM, we headed to KFC for some late midnight snack cum early breakfast.

It was a fun night for some dress-up and partying. But then again, I still think the venue is far.


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