Seri Angkasa

A buffet lunch 282 meters above ground level, and the resto is indeed revolving.

pretty view

Pats and I went to Restoran Berputar Seri Angkasa, the known revolving restaurant located at Menara KL (KL Tower), to have a supposedly sumptuous lunch for our monthsary. Unfortunately, we ended up eating a few starters and lots of desserts.

No main course.

There goes our RM80.

The starters were a so-so. The potato fries were quite good though. Aside from that, the rest were rather bland.

I’m not in the position to rate the main course though as I did not even bother tasting them. A quick scan of the dishes at the buffet table, and I went straight to the desserts. Don’t get me wrong, but I’m not a fan of local dishes (aside from Nasi Lemak). I guess if you like ’em, then it’s probably worth the cost.

As for the desserts, they were tad nice and plenty. The caramel pudding and honeydew pudding were tasteful, and I had 2 servings of each. The chocolate cakes were ok. Ice cream were cold and sweet, as how it should be.

I personally think that if you’re not a fan of the local dishes, you might want to consider going there for hi-tea. But if you do like to go local, then it could be worth it.

But if you don’t intend to eat and only want a bird’s eye-view of KL, there’s always the Observation Deck. 🙂


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