Bintan Island, Indonesia

Our post-anniversary trip to Bintan Island, Indonesia.

by the shore

Pats and I went to Bintan Island, Indonesia to celebrate our first. Yes, time flies fast. Especially, when work keeps you too occupied. And by “too occupied” I mean really occupied.

Unfortunately, due to our hectic schedules, we were not able to have dinner on the day itself. But instead, we had lunch at Vincenzo Restaurant in Bangsar.

Lunch @ Vincenzo

Off with the segue and going back to the short summer va-cay, we’ve spent the weekend at Bintan Lagoon Resort. As always, it was a well deserved break, especially for Pats.

High-Level Overview

The resort was quite huge and there were lots of good stuff and places to shoot. Pats and I enjoyed taking time to capture them.

Pool Area

It was really worth the travel. Although we wish, we could have stayed longer. Oh well, reality sucks.

The Terrace Bar / Lounge

Beef Stroganoff for Lunch

can't swim on the freaking beach...tsk tsk

off to work


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