Cafe Cafe KL

Last year, I went to Cafe Cafe KL armed with only my E71’s camera. This time though, I have my trusty 1000D (and Tough8000) to capture better pictures of this cozy and astounding restaurant.

And the best part of going back to this place? Reminiscing and looking back to where it all “officially” started.

difference of a year

A year ago, I brought Pats here for our first “official” date. ‘Twas a big decision to make, and I’m glad and happy that I did it. 🙂

my pretty date

a sip of red

How time quickly flies.

Last night, we went back there. And just like the first time, we were fascinated by the romantic ambiance, and were taken out of the normal yet busy streets of KL.

cozy ozzy

The moment Pats and I arrived, we started skimming, or just me, through the new menu. I already had the Wagyu Cheeks in mind. But to my dismay, it wasn’t available anymore. Nevertheless, it didn’t hinder my excitement for the dishes.

My meal is called “Bleu“, consisting of:
Pan-seared Foie Gras for appetizer. This is exceptionally good and very appetizing indeed!
Clams in White Wine. My salty and a bit sour soup. I personally liked this one also.
Cod Fillet for main course. I didn’t like it that much, so I ended up ordering:
Penne with Bacon and Mushroom in Cream Sauce. IMHO, it was a typical pasta. Boring.
Lemon Sorbet. I liked the zesty touch of this after-main course. Pats, however, swapped it with her Cheese.
Original Chocolate Cake. It was nice, but I honestly think that The Apartment’s Molten Chocolate Cake, something like that, is way better.

My Heavenly Pan-Seared Foie Gras 🙂

Pats had Gourmet II for her set meal, having:
Baked Portobello with Ricotta Cheese.
Soup of the Day, which is some sort of mushroom soup. It was a so-so.
Pan-fried Tiger Prawns with Aioli. This was great as well. 3 huge prawns in butter…astounding!
Cheese. Literally, cheese. This sucks as the cheese are tad dry.
Chocolate Tart. I like my dessert better. 😛

tiger prawns...raar

clam in white wine

Cod Fillet

Original Chocolate Cake

It was a wonderful night, especially my date.

wonderful tonight 🙂

It’ll be our 1st next month, and I’m looking forward to our trip… Stay tuned. 🙂


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