Wine & Cheese

and pasta and salad and roasted pork and a lot more wine…

wine & cheese

My ears went red and my nape started to hurt…hello high blood!


Inay Tonette held a small sit-down party at her new home at Perdana View yesterday. It was an awesome night with lots of delicious food and wine, not to say singing and fun.

tuuubiiiig at langiiiiiiis

By the way, this should be called Wine and Roast Pork instead of Wine and Cheese as I had more of that sin instead of the cheese. Hehe.

Her new place is cozier and far more better than the old one…and literally far. The pool area looks great as well, which is why we’ll have the long-awaited pool-slash-bbq party this coming weekend. More wine please.

4 bottles down

to good health!

Now, what grade should we give her for hosting this dinner? Let’s see…

Plus for great and tasty food, another point for the roasted pork
Plus for food presentation
Plus for lotsa delicious wine…ICE WINE!
Plus for a nice and cozy place
Minus for no corkscrew
Minus for Champagne Glass used for wine
Minus for BG music, point belongs to Jules

All-in-all, total score is…

mamma mia

Let’s have one more dinner there! 😀

partee animals :p



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