Sonya’s Garden

It’s a brand new year. And one good way to start it off is by having a good adventure, in other words, out-of-town.

go green

Pats and I have decided to go to Tagaytay for a day-trip instead of watching a movie. I immediately agreed to her idea as it’s been a while since I last went there. And besides, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the cold climate with someone you love, ‘ayt? Mushy no? Hehe.

Eve, that's not an apple...

Pats suggested to visit Sonya’s Garden and have lunch there, in which I got interested after seeing some pictures online.

In order to go to there, we had to do jump from bus to jeep, from jeep to another jeep, from jeep to trike. Here is how it was exactly:

1. JAM Transit bus from Gil Puyat, going to Balibago (Php57.00)
2. Jeepney from Balibago to Central Market (Php40.00)
3. Jeepney from Central Market to Olivarez (Php20.00, can’t recall)
4. Jeepney from Olivarez to Buck Estate (Php15.00)
5. Tricycle to Sonya’ Garden (Php7.50; Php20.00 special trip)

It was a long travel going there. I think we chose the wrong bus from the start, which was why we had to transfer from vehicle to vehicle. But fortunately, all the people we asked were kind enough to point us to the right direction. It’s sometimes fun to do things without much planning. 🙂

It was a good bonding moment for us as well. Need not say more, I enjoyed my time with Pats. 🙂

my pretty travelmate

We were very very hungry when we arrived at Sonya’s Garden. So, once we settled, we started munching. They served us a three-course meal, consisting of: appetizer, main course, and dessert. It was an eat-all-you-can set, plus a bottomless pitcher of Dalandan Juice (the juice was great, trust me).

the delicious, bottomless Dalandan Juice

fresh from the garden...i suppose

For appetizer, they served us garden fresh salad. We had to mix them on our own, DIY salad. The ingredients on our discretion, plus the delicious honey mustard. Unfortunately, that was the only one we enjoyed.

ingredients for the pasta

We had pasta for main course. And similar to the salad, it was DIY and we had the discretion of mixing it the way we want it. We weren’t satisfied though as it was not that tasty and a bit dry. Or maybe, that’s just us.

mi pasta

They served us Banana Rolls, Sweet Potato, and a slice of Chocolate Cake for dessert, accompanied by a hot cup of Tarragon Tea. I honestly didn’t like these.

After this, we headed to One Destination for a quick cup of coffee at Starbucks before heading home.

a cup of coffee

I didn’t enjoy the food that much, but I really did enjoy our trip together. It’s our first for this year, and for sure, there will be more. So Pats, time to go tipid mode.

time to rest

garden maiden? :p

one with nature

gate to eden

More pics on my Facebook account. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sonya’s Garden

  1. Thanks for the commuting guide, I’ll use it someday!

    Ganda ng bokeh ng “my pretty travelmate” and yung blocking (parang umilag lang siya sa signature.). I also love the juice shot!


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