Revz and Bing’s Wedding

Yesterday, another couple has finally tied the knot. Revz and Bing have moved on to the next stage of their relationship.

the newly weds

The wedding was held at Fernwoods Garden in Quezon City, Philippines. It was my first time there as I was not able to attend Yves’ wedding. So, I was excited to see the venue.

the ceremony

I personally don’t know both bride and groom, nor have I been introduced to any one of them. So, I was surprised when I was invited to attend their special day. Actually, I was just Osang’s plus-one in the guest list. Nevertheless, it was nice of them to have invited me.

the bride

Bing and I are friends in Facebook though. Does that even count? 😛

wedding kiss

Pats and I arrived minutes before the bride walked down the aisle. Yes, we weren’t late. So, I was able to prepare my gadget for some practice shots. I was able to move around to take some pictures, but I was hesitant to go near the bride and groom to take their pictures during the ceremony – that’s the official photographer’s job. Though it could’ve been a good opportunity for practice.

the guests

After the wedding, and a lot of photos from “The Big Cam” – which by the way was a good idea for the wedding souvenir, we headed to table # 12 with our empty stomachs. I wasn’t able to take pictures during the reception as we were at the bit far end of the venue. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the food, particularly the Lechon.

the happy couple

To Revz and Bing, congrats and have a blissful, strong, and bountiful married life. 🙂



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(more photos to come)


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