Broga Hills

After a week of delay, Pats and I, along with Cher and her boyfriend Eddie, were finally able to conquer Broga Hills. Not that it was a hard climb, it’s just been quite some time since we both hiked and we didn’t have any physical preparation for this aside from eating. The last time we went hiking was in Kanching Falls, which is already more than a year ago.

the hill

We arrived at past 6:30 am after going in circles for quite some time, looking for the exit to Kajang Town. It was still a bit dark when we started the climb. We didn’t have to use the torch light that Pats and I bought the day before though as light was starting to brighten up the path.

There were quite a number of hikers that arrived the same time as us. So, there was also no worries on getting lost. And besides, there was a rather obvious trail. 😛

hikers on the move

On our way up, there were several who were resting at the grounds, catching their breath, all sweaty and exhausted. The way up is quite slope-y. I started to feel the weight on my legs after a few minutes of continuous uphill walking. It was like doing grade 3, 80kph speed on a treadmill…whatever…

Upon reaching the first look-out point, there we caught the rising sun. It was quite a rewarding moment. The sun was brightening the field up, lots of greenery, birds soaring the sky. Unfortunately, there were lots of hikers in the area making it hard to get a good spot to shoot. It was too crowded…and smelly! Pats got a bit dizzy because of that. Imagine that. >.<

After some time of resting and photo shoot, we proceeded on to the next stop. There were some folks going down already that time. It was getting a bit hot as well, but that didn’t stop our eager but tired legs. The scenery was too inspiring for us to stop then.

must go on

We reached the second look-out point and rested for a bit as we were already feeling the weight of our bodies. I was feeling the weight of our backpack and my camera bag.. Our legs were getting shaky and tired.. All sweaty.. Man, what an exercise that was.

just a short way to go

Finally, we reached the peak. To be honest, it wasn’t that el-fabuloso at the top. I was expecting more lush of greenery but was welcomed with chunks of rocks and groups of people. Nevertheless, our packed sandwiches were good enough to fill our empty stomachs.

Jump for Joy

After a few minutes, and after Pats put her sunblock on, we prepared for descent. Climbing up was already hard work, going down was not so different. We had to be careful as it was slippery, and one wrong footing could send us running down the slopes…like the rest of those who came down before us.

It was a satisfying climb, I must say. Unfortunately, most of my shots were not that good as majority were either burnt out or underexposed. As if that wasn’t disappointing enough, my left knee is aching now like there’s no tomorrow and it’s quite hard to walk… Sign of getting old? Crap! Hopefully not.

Enjoy some more of the pictures I took during the climb:

Photographer at Work


On The Rock


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