Suzi’s Corner

A juicy, medium-rare steak is one of my weaknesses. So, whenever there’s an opportunity to have one, especially for free, who am I to refuse. It’s a sin! (at paminta…toink)

last bite

Zari, Tonette, Toffee, Pats and I headed to this open-air restaurant named Suzi’s Corner, near Ampang Point, for a sinful dinner, again. It was more than half-an-hour drive, approximately, from our place. It was that far, but definitely worth it.

Upon seeing the menu, without any second-thoughts, I ordered a t-bone steak having fries and veggies for sides. The steak was way cheaper than that of TGIF or Tony’s, without sacrificing the taste. I must admit, I was hoping for another round. But of course, I can’t. So, instead of having another chunk, I opted for a few sticks of chicken satay. 😛

Thanks to Zari and Tonette for bringing us to this place. I definitely will go back.

t-bone steak


chicken satay

cory..este zari

tonette's empty plate

water therapy for a full stomach

satisfied? i think so...


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