Tourists in KL

It has been some time since I had this feeling of being a tourist. For more than a year now, I’ve been roaming around KL having the mindset of an Expat, and not of a Tourist, which is a significantly different thing.

photographer is here

As an Expat, a.k.a. OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), you always had this idea ahead of you (or maybe it’s just me): “I’m here to earn a living and work my *ss out. Tomorrow’s another day. Sh*t.”.

Entirely different from a Tourist’s perspective:
“Where will I go next?”
“Where to eat?”
“What to buy for pasalubong?”
“How much money do I still have?”

I roam around, spend a day off from work, and relax a bit. But tomorrow, stressed again.

But yesterday, Pats and I were like tourists in KL: walking along the streets of the metro; going to places and looking for directions; selecting resto’s to eat at; taking photos here and there; being amazed on how close tourists spots are. Man, it feels good.

which way?

We maximized the time we had to walk around KL and finally spending the night off, with a beer at hand, at Luna Bar.

Again… Man, it feels good!

toothache? grab a beer

Here are some more of the pics I took.

stairway to luna

Pats and the tower

Soi 23 ... expensive breakfast...


christmas rush


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