ITAC Outing

An outing is entirely a different thing from an Educational Field Trip. And, working people, are most likely not into how charcoal and salted egg is produced. This supposedly outing was a disappointment for me. Worst, they didn’t serve Crispy Pata for dinner!

But to be a bit fair, I was able to take some nice shots in the charcoal factory.


Pats and I spent most of our day inside the tour bus, say 75-85%. Ain’t that fun?
Considering it’s my first ITAC trip, I should’ve followed my instinct and stayed at home. Oh well.

Aside from the unexpected educational trip, the weather was quite bad. Rain was on and off. I wasn’t able to take decent shots as I was hesitating to use my UWA lens as rain droplets might damage it. I ended up shooting from afar, under cover, using Toffee’s zoom lens instead.

Perak Cave Temple

For this educational trip, as I’ve mentioned, we visited sites that produce charcoal and salted egg. Imagine how excited I was. Just try. But before that, they brought us to this local store to buy some local delicacies. This one is expected as it’s always been a part of every guided tours, even back at home.

We had our lunch at a local Chinese hawkers. They served quite a few dishes, but all of them were rather normal for a hawkers. It was just like eating at Restoran OK in our area, but with the sticking smell of Belachan. I wasn’t able to eat to my heart’s desire as my gastric acid has been shouting inside me, that if I eat a lot, it will erupt. So. I had to eat an average meal at a slow pace.

After that, we visited a Chinese temple. Let’s just pretend I haven’t had enough of them temples. But to be fair, the temple was quite different, in some way, from the others that I’ve already seen in Penang.

We headed to our next destination for bird watching and a jetty ride to the mangroves. However this time, Pats and I just stayed inside the tour bus and watched Bambino, a Japanese TV series that I’ve been trying to finish for months. We weren’t that excited with the activities anymore as we were already disappointed.

We had dinner after that in another local hawkers resto, typical one as usual. But this time, I have managed to maximize the dinner, I ate quite a lot and was even able to take tapaw (take-out). We headed back home after the dinner and a few picture taking, another 5 hours inside the tour bus. Butt-ache.

Oh…Did I mention that the trip was in Kuala Gula? Not yet? OK, the trip was in Kuala Gula.

the charcoal man

in the midst of them men

my pretty pats

rock and roll of films..oh, digital...


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