The Apartment

Nope, this is not about an asian horror movie. Not those The Grudge, The Ring, The Eye, The Toe, The Head and shoulders, knees and toes kind of thing.

It’s a cozy restaurant in KLCC where Pats and I spent our Tuesday night, munching steak and sweating over spicy pasta.

We’ve managed to get the hell out of hell, office – in other words, last Tuesday. It was one of those days when we cared less on what others might say, coming in late and going out early. It’s the time of the month, we didn’t care.

Once we reached Suria KLCC, we went looking for a place to have dinner:
Starbucks? Not for dinner;
Kopitiam? Not for celebrating;
San Francisco Steakhouse? Nice, can be;
Another Cafe? Nope.

We ended up trying the last resto on the left which was called “The Apartment”.
Sounds like another asian horror movie, ayt?

It’s cozy, welcoming, and somehow elegant, IMO (minus the bare ceiling). We opted to have our seats inside because it was really nice. Actually, it was because of the sofa. πŸ˜€

We had Baked Aubergine, T-bone steak and Spicy Chicken Pasta. And when I said spicy, I meant it. Even Pats confirmed it, considering her high tolerance to spicy foods. So, imagine how sweaty my face was when I was eating that.

The Baked Aubergine was ok. I actually ordered it because I didn’t know what an aubergine is. Why change the name when you can call it Baked Eggplant!? Oh well, I ordered it out of curiosity and ignorance. So, maybe that’s the reason why…

T-Bone steak was also good, as well as the side Mashed Potato. You can really taste the juices of this medium-rare dish. Only if we had a glass of red wine, it would be complete.

Sinful as it is, we followed-up with a very satisfying dessert. The name of the sweet delight escapes my memory as of this moment. It was a chocolate muffin having hot melted chocolate inside plus a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Delicious!

This delicious and satisfying dinner was quite expensive though. I honestly think that we could have the same pleasing dinner at a cheaper price. But then again, it was worth the try. πŸ™‚

(Photos to follow)


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