GSSC-KL Annual Dinner 2009

Yesterday, I attended my first Standard Chartered Annual Dinner.

20091031 - KL GSSC Annual Dinner 022

porma for the night (pic courtesy of Toffee)

It was like… ok, let’s make this short:

Boring, yet laughable, performances (sarap mang-okray bwahahaha), hate the food, few (but good) raffle prizes. It was such an overrated event, IMO.

If it wasn’t for the witty and funny host(ess), and the band performance at the end of the event, it would have been a very, very boring event. Really. Who pairs up a (25-ish++) guy with a young girl (15??) to perform an R&B/Hip-Hop number? I’m not even sure if she’s a kid or grown-up who really didn’t…well, you know what’s in my mind. Crap, I’m too rude this time.

Food sucked big time: pasta was bland; the bottomless blue lychee drink was like water with lots of sugar; veggies with no taste; fish tandoori was, well Indian (no offense meant); pumpkin soup was a bit ok; I already forgot the other one. I think the buttered prawn was good, but heck, how was I suppose to eat that!? The only thing I liked was the free glass of beer, which I stole from Pats. Hehe. 😛

I have to admit though, raffle prizes were great. But damn! I really don’t have luck on raffle draws.

I wasn’t able to bring my DSLR that time, as bringing a camera bag while on my dress-up mode could’ve beaten the formal-attire look (carrying a plastic bag instead didn’t hurt much). 😛 So, I just brought my point and shoot cam, but to my dismay, flash photography sucked. That’s why I don’t have much pics for this entry. Thanks Toffee for taking the pics. 😀

After the band performed their last song, we headed straight to Euphoria – a bar in Sunway, to continue the party and grab some drinks. I wasn’t on my dance mode though. 😛


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