Chocolate Lounge

Diabetics wouldn’t like this one…

indulgence ^^

indulgence ^^

But I do… 😛

Theobroma’s Chocoloate Lounge. The name itself suggests the specialty of this sweet and quite expensive indulgence.

I’ve been long-intrigued by this cafe. Having a sweet-tooth, despite the diabetic blood-line, I’ve wondered how this place would satisfy my sweet cravings. So, when Pats and I thought of going to 1Utama for a quick mall-stroll and movie for our monthsary, the idea of having snack-cum-dinner there popped-up.

Ms Coco Frappe, Su-weeeet!

Ms Coco Frappe, Su-weeeet!

We remembered about this cafe during one of our dinner with William, my college barkada, during his exit here from Singapore. Pats saw this article in a magazine while waiting for her dish at Coffee Ritual. And the idea of finally trying it out already stuck in our minds.

We had Chicken Tomato Napolitana and Hot Ms Coco (Dark Belgian Chocolate) during our first, yes first, time. The pasta was a so-so but the drink was satisfying. Very satisfying. I liked the hot, bittersweet taste of every sip. It’s soothing taste surely relieved all the stresses I had for a week. I was hoping to have more, considering the price and diabetes, I opted not.

As I mentioned, it was the first in 1Utama. Second in Bangsar Village.

where ants gather

where ants gather

It was an unexpected one. I didn’t notice that they had a branch in Bangsar when we were looking at the brochure. What I knew was that they have in LCCT (low-cost airport here in Malaysia) and KL Pavilion. To our surprise, there was one in Bangsar. Without second-thoughts, we’ve decided to have snack-cum-dinner (again) there…after Pats and I shopped around for her Annual Dinner dress.

That time, we had:

French Chicken Mayo Sandwich – a delicious snack with a generous amount of filling
Belgian Waffle with Ice Cream – typical waffle with ice cream, with kiwi and lots of chocolate drizzles
Ms Coco Mocha Frappe (Belgian Dark Mocha) – the colder version of what we had the first time



We were supposed to have Spinach Chicken Crepe and Spicy Ginger Flower Fish Cake Pasta. Unfortunately, the waiter informed us that it was not available anymore. Quite disappointing as there were only a number of filling dishes to choose from. Nevertheless, we dug in.

french chicken mayo..what's so french ah?

french chicken mayo..what's so french ah?

It was a tooth-aching but satisfying snack-slash-dinner. Despite the expensive tag, I was able to detox my mind off work…for a while… -.-“


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