Deepavali BBQ

Fill ‘er up!

Pork Satay

Pork Satay

Oh man, my stomach was so full again after the BBQ party at Beng Ghee’s place last night. Just in time also for Deepavali (or Diwali).

The gathering was initially planned for last month’s long-weekend, during Hari Raya. But as you may have already known, Pats and I were here, getting a tan, and most of our colleagues were not available as well. So, it was postponed until yesterday

Lilian fetched us at around 5:30 in the afternoon, and headed straight to Diko’s house after meeting up with Wai Kong. The usual weekend lunch buddies were there, plus a number of Beng Ghee’s batch mates in Scope. Each of us bought something as contribution, where Pats and I prepared brownies and buko salad. It was supposedly brownies only, but when I saw this coconuts at Jaya supermarket, I instantly had this craving for buko salad. So, I made one. Suuu-weeet. 🙂

Pork Satay was already “ready-to-eat” when we arrived. And that’s what we did. And it was delicious! Of all the dishes served that night, I ate the most of this local delicacy.

Sedap! :D

Sedap! 😀

Chicken wings, prawns, sausages, corn, and root crops were the other goodies for the BBQ. They were nice, but the Pork Satay was still the winner. There were a number of other dishes as well, such as: chao fan, fried chicken, mee hon, longan tau foo fa, and a lot more. All of them were quite nice as well. I was not able to taste all of them though, as I was uber full already.

BBQ People

BBQ People

It was a fun and stomach-fulfilling night for me. A number of pounds were once again added to the count. It’s perfectly fine, I guess, as eating delicious food – especially free, is one of the things that comforts me, from all the stresses brought by work.

And, having to taste Sheridan for the first time…loved it, better that Bailey’s, IMO. So right now, I’m trying to find one for myself – something to warm my cold and stressed mind. 🙂


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