Cholesterol at Belly Good

Warning: This entry is non-halal. :@)


Beng Ghee and Wai Kong organized this small gathering to celebrate, in advance, the birthday of CCMS – India Team’s current muse – Osang. Only a few were invited, those whom we often go to lunch out with (Umai-ya, BKT, etc).

At past 7:00pm, Beng Ghee and Wai Kong picked us up at the office and headed straight to Belly Good – a “pork-lover’s paradise”, as what they say in their tag-line.

It wasn’t, however, as what I expected it to be. My image of the restaurant is it’s one of those somewhat big or fancy-ish or Tony Romas type of a place. It wasn’t. It’s like a coffee shop serving high-cholesterol and patting-the-back-of-the-neck meals. Nevertheless, the place was comfortable enough for a good dinner.

I ordered a Mixed Platter, most of us did, having grilled pork spare ribs, grilled pork belly, mashed potato, and coleslaw. Pats had Fish and Chips, pork-y huh? Anyway, my dish wasn’t that good but not bad either. It was a so-so, nice enough to fill an empty stomach – but no rice. 😀

The current menu only had a few dishes but according to the crew, they were in the midst of updating it. The online menu have quite a number indeed. I checked the online menu before we went to the resto and I was quite hoping for a number of goodies to choose from. So, I was a bit disappointed. I expect too much, don’t I? 😛

We had slices of Oreo and Mocha Ice Cream Cake for dessert. They were quite nice, but we didn’t manage to finish both since we were already full, and we don’t want diabetes after high blood. As usual, Wai Kong finished ’em all up without any hesitation and complaints.

After the dinner, I presented a bouquet of pink roses to Pats as a surprise for her. Diko was very kind to prepare the thing for me as I’m not able to buy them myself. And because of this surprise, all of them now know how our story started. They now have the confirmation they’ve been waiting for quite some time. 😛

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

Happy Birthday Pats! in advance, that is. Let’s do your celebration somewhere else. *wink*


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