Dinner at Fye Long

We have been long intrigued by this Taiwanese restaurant in The Gardens, which was always packed – and I mean everyday.

don't judge by this pic...it's taken using my phone cam only.. E71 sucks at that...

don't judge by this pic...it's taken using my phone cam only.. E71 sucks at that...

Is their food really that superb? Pats and I tried it out for the first time. Read ahead for our verdict.

Food critics? Nah…. We were just hungry and curious Georges, as usual.

We always have been curious when it comes to (fancy and neat-looking) restaurants. And this curiosity is being satisfied every month. FYI, it’s our 6th. Cheers!

After work, Pats and I rushed off to go to The Gardens, with one particular restaurant in mind – Fye Long. As I mentioned, it is a Taiwanese restaurant, which, every time we pass by it, is always packed and a lot of people are waiting to be seated. We always have wondered why. Is it the food? the service? the ambiance? what?

I am not familiar with Taiwanese dishes. In fact, I just think of it as Chinese dishes with a little difference in spices or the way it was cooked. So, when I looked at the menu, while waiting to be seated, I assumed I was correct: Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs, Braised Beef, Beef in Ginger and Onion Sprouts or with Black Pepper sauce, typical menu in Chinese restaurants here. The choice of dishes were quite few IMO, and was not what I expected from this expensive-looking resto.

We had quite a hard time deciding which meal to try. And just before we were seated, we finally have chosen our dishes: prawn rolls something, and papaya milk drink for Pats; cheesy pork fried rice, and French-style milk tea for me; and sweet corn cream soup for sharing – which was great by the way. The serving size was quite good as well. In fact, I wasn’t able to finish my fried rice. Or, probably because I wasn’t really hungry that time, or my stomach’s not used to eating rice for dinner anymore.

Our neighbors’ dishes looked good and delicious as well. Some of them are served on top of an oil lamp / stove / whatever that is. It was kinda cute and tempting to order. Hehe. They also use tea cups similar to that of the Japanese – triangular-ish tea cups used to drink Sake.

In summary, the food – plating/presentation, taste, serving size, is good. However, it is a bit expensive. Better prepare your wallet if you plan to eat a lot. And so, even though we thought of coming back to try some of the other dishes, it surely won’t be any time soon. TI-PID MODE.


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