Langkawi (Day 2 of 2)

As promised, here’s Day 2 of our Langkawi trip.

Langkawi Trip (Aug2009)

We started the day with a free breakfast – compliments of the resort, and an early morning stroll along Pantai Cenang trying to look for any open stores. After a short walk, we (Onin, Toffee, Pats, and me) have decided to take a drive down a nearby beach to have some fresh air and late-morning sun. It was my turn that morning to steer the wheel. I do have to admit, I liked AT and driving around Langkawi. We ended up in an area called Lighthouse (if my memory serves me right). We stayed by the shore for a couple of minutes, feet dipped in the cold morning sea water – one of my desired ways to start a day, which is why I’m longing for a house by the beach. 😀

Langkawi Trip (Aug2009)

We headed back to our resort after a short while to fetch Tonette and Milay. Tza, Migs, and their baby, Cruz, joined us on our not-so-short trip to Kuah Town for a quick chocolate and alcohol shopping spree. It seemed like Cruz got dizzy with my driving, puked all the milk out to his mom. I told you guys, I play Need For Speed and Burnout, not Gran Turismo. Kaskasero to!

Langkawi Trip (Aug2009)

We didn’t have any plans for the afternoon but to go beach-bumming again and try to catch the elusive Langkawi sunset. So, after our visit to Kuah Town, we headed to Pantai Tengah to bum the afternoon off again. Fortunately, we were able to catch the sunset. After a short swim, stroll along the sea shore, chicha, coke and beer galore, and the usual picture-taking, we settled down and watched as the sky turned from blue to red-orange.

Langkawi Trip (Aug2009)
Langkawi Trip (Aug2009)

Dinner at a nearby restaurant – named Cactus Restaurant came after. The food and the service were great. Toffee even got a free extra rice. And when we got back to our rooms (and after we freshened up), the deck of cards went out again for games of Slap Jack and Tong-its, which lasted ’til around 2 in the morning.

Pats, Toffee, and I took our flight home the next day (Monday), lugging all our chocolates and a bit tanned skins. It was a relaxing vacation for me as I totally cleared my head off of work and washed all my negative vibes against ate away (but now they’re all back).

Our Flight Home

Our Flight Home

And so again…we’re back to reality. 😦

Until the next vacation! Cheers!


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