Langkawi (Day 1 of 2)

Despite all the hurdles the day before: the rainy weather; Zackry’s (our initial accommodation) being flooded; the workload (applicable to Zari only); and the loss of motivation because of those, we braved through our plans and pursued our wet & dry long-weekend rest.

Langkawi Trip (Aug2009)

Roll Call…

Tonette? Present with her i-will-drive-even-without-license courage and heavy-duty brake pads.
Milay? Present with her cans of beer.
Toffee? Present without Mmmmm (*I’m just thinking). πŸ˜›
Onin? Present with his Coronas and Chris Daughtry.
Pats? Present with her sun block and umbrella.
Papi? Present with his Chunky Chips Ahoy.
Zari? …Zari?? …Zariii??? AWOL. πŸ˜›

Several of our Pinoy colleagues were there as well. We were able to meet some of them, though unfortunately, we missed a few (which I termed: “3 and a half men”): Ricky, Dhigs, and Mikel.

Onin, Pats, and I reached Langkawi Airport at around 9:30 in the morning (Saturday). We immediately started gathering a few brochures and information for our possible tour, and looked for a cheap car rental service in the airport lobby. After an hour of negotiations, waiting, and where-the-hell-is-that-fat-guy-wearing-a-mask, we were able to rent a Serena (a van) at a likely reasonable price. The van was quite old by the looks of it, but it runs quite smooth and has an automatic transmission. So, it was good enough. And yes, I had my turn to drive it. πŸ˜€

Once we got the van, the 3 of us went off to take it for a test drive since the others were scheduled to arrive at 11 am. Honestly, we just wanted the rest to wait for some time at the airport lobby, just like how we’ve waited to get our hands on that van. Damayan lang yan. Hehe.

We first visited Petronas Quay – a harbour area for yachts. There were lots of those goddamn white chunks parked there. (Do I sound bitter for not having one?). There were quite a number there that if I was skilled and brave enough, I could have car-napped, ok, yacht-napped one of ’em. After a few photo-ops session, we headed back to the airport to pick the others up. We thought that they have waited long enough. πŸ˜›

Langkawi Trip (Aug2009)
Langkawi Trip (Aug2009)

We checked-in into our hotel – Langkawi Boutique Resort, and headed out for lunch. We ate at a nearby Chinese restaurant named Orchid Ria. They serve typical Chinese dishes, having tiger prawns and lobsters as their specialty. Apparently, all restaurants in Langkawi serves tiger prawns and lobsters. But as you may have already known, I’m allergic to them, and another thing is that they’re expensive. Allergies does have its perks sometimes.

Just after we finished our lunch, rain started pouring. We went to a nearby duty-free shop to buy some of our beach-bumming stuff consisting of alcohol and chips.

Rain continued pouring but it didn’t stop us from going to our next destination: the Oriental Village, where the entrance to Langkawi’s infamous cable car is situated. Fortunately, it was not raining when we arrived, or probably it was finished already.

I’m not quite sure how big the village is because we went there solely for the purpose of riding the cable car, going on top of the mountain, and crossing the sky bridge. Unfortunately, the gates to to bridge were already closed since it was already 5 in the afternoon and because of the cloudy weather. Nevertheless, it was good and chilly at the top. It was really cold and windy. Foggy at first, but it gave way for us to see the stunning view of the mountains and shores. Did I mention that the cable car was shaky because of the wind? ‘Twas giving me friggin’ goosebumps. Acrophobia was trying to invade my then focused mind.

Langkawi Trip (Aug2009)
Langkawi Trip (Aug2009)

Then, off we went to Tanjung Rhu Beach resort after the chilly ride at the cable car. We actually just went in the resort to get to their beach and bum out there, hoping to catch the sunset. We went through the “back-door” to get to the shore, trying to hide ourselves from the receptionist and other crew. We succeeded in that part. However, we failed at catching a beautiful sunset. Unfortunately, nimbus clouds were already forming and the sun hid its coward *ss behind the clouds. So, what we only caught was his rays giving us a peak.

Langkawi Trip (Aug2009)

One good thing during our beach bumming was that it wasn’t humid and was windy. We were able to sit and relax, take a walk along the shore, enjoy the view, take a few shots and jump shots, throw sand at each other, in short, unwind. It was one of the good, and I’ll say, cheap ways of ending the day. The expensive way is having dinner at a restaurant, which was the thing we did after.

We had our dinner at a restaurant called Rasa. They serve various dishes: from Malay to Arabic, to Indian and Western, and a few more. Tonette, Pats, and I shared on the Seafood Marinara and Cordon Bleu. I didn’t get full though, so I ended up munching the Chips Ahoy again later in the hotel room. Hehe. We were able to meet few friends there having their dinner as well. Once we finished, we went back to our hotel to wash the sands off and clean-up. We just then grabbed the deck of cards and played Pusoy Dos ’til 3 in the morning. Ok, this is a cheaper way to end the day.

That summed up our day. Got tired of reading? Hopefully not. There is still DAY 2. I’m quite sure though that it’ll be shorter. πŸ˜€


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