Team dinner at SOULed OUT

One of the best ways to end an uberly stressful week is to have your boss/es treat you for dinner. Agree?

Sirloin Steak @ SOULed OUT

Sirloin Steak @ SOULed OUT

This week has been the most stressful week I’ve had in my 1 year career in CCMS: tons of work – all having quote-unquote crazy deadlines; escalation of issue; naninindak na amo; and me not feeling well. But then again, it’s really hard to earn G’s nowadays. I just do hope that they will hire more people, and make it fast!

Moving on. At around 7:00 pm, all of us – the entire CCMS team that is, shut our pc/laptop down, packed our bags, and scrammed off of the office. We reached SOULed OUT, a restaurant in Desa Sri Hartamas – don’t know where it is? We’re on the same boat, at around 7:30 pm. The place was packed – people spending their Friday night chit-chatting over a beer or two, ladies in party dresses with foreigners (common sh*t), drunk men over the bar, and things like that.

The resto was only one of the few places to spend your Friday night. There are also several restaurants in the area, which I only noticed when we went home – hunger really blinds people you know.

SOULed OUT serves Western, few Italian, Indian, and Malay dishes. Our orders were more on Western and Italian courses though, since majority in our table were Pinoys. As strategic as we Pinoys are, we ordered a variety of dishes and shared it amongst everyone – our 2 Chinese colleagues shared theirs as well. πŸ™‚

Being the steak lover that I am, I ordered Sirloin Steak. This alone had reached the order limit of RM40. So, I was only able to order one dish. Unfortunately, the steak was cooked very rare. So, I didn’t really enjoy my dish. I always have mine done medium rare. My fault though as I forgot to indicate that in my pre-order. Some other day.

I was able to taste few more dishes: Carbonara, Salmon Steak, Seafood Pizza, Nachos, and others whose identity escapes me at the moment. Damn this CRS syndrome (Can’t Recall Shit) – thanks Jim for the term. The desserts were quite nice as well.- especially the Chocolate Mousse. πŸ˜€



The picture above reminds me of this Guinness Beer advertisement:

To Arthaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! lolx

It is really good having this kind of team stuff at times, especially when everyone is having a hard time at work and needs some time to relax. This also gives opportunity for us to bond with the bosses. I’m still a bit lost though on why Allan (our Senior Manager) asked me if I have relatives here in Malaysia and pointed me back to Ju Lie (another Senior manager). I didn’t quite catch his joke. Hehe. Sorry Boss. πŸ˜›

Nevertheless, it’s quite a good dinner, and I ended my day with 2 goblets of wine and a semi-full but not-so-satisfied palate. Good thing it’s free, not a big deal. πŸ˜€


3 thoughts on “Team dinner at SOULed OUT

    1. steak was good as well, it’s just that it’s very rare… i think if it’s done medium rare, i would’ve enjoyed it as much.

      when the waiter was calling your name while holding the 2 plates, jackie, lilian and sze fui were like: “randee has 2 main course?” hehe


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