MTV World Stage, Live in Malaysia

“When you see my face, hope it gives you hell, hope it gives you hell…”

Pats and I just got back from MTV World Stage, and I sure hell had a great time. 😀

Pats and Tots were there! \m/

Pats and Tots were there! \m/

The event was held at the Sunway Lagoon Resort in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia – hosted by MTV VJs Denise and Utt, and a few more whom I can’t recall the names.

The show started at around 6 in the afternoon, with a cloudy weather and a few rain drops. The venue was quite crowded already but we still managed to squeeze in into a good spot. However, the population continued to grow fast, and emo-slash-posers-slash-people-in-black-shirts-and-chucks-and-cap-and-sometimes-in-checkered-polos-then-skinny-jeans increased as well. But since it was a concert, it’s inappropriate to complain.

The show was started by a local rock band named Estranged. I can’t honestly recall the their performance, but I can say their music is good. Sorry, I wasn’t listening intently that time. >.<

Boys Like Girls performed after. The crowd went loud after the band was introduced. BLG played four songs, which the crowd went SOL (singing out loud). They played four songs for their set: Thunder; Great Escape; Hero / Heroine; and one more which I can’t recall. Darn! This memory gap is slowly getting worse.

Next performer was the band called Raygun. I don’t actually know the band but their music is quite good. So, I think I’ll listen to their album as well.

Pixie Lott performed next after a short break (short means approx. 30 mins…). She looked like Hannah Montana from afar, as per my 100-75 vision. I almost had her shot dead. Hannah Montana. Boo!

After a long break, Hoobastank finally performed. I’ve been wanting to watch them perform live, especially to see them play Crawling in the Dark live. Wish granted, I’m astounded. They performed few other songs, and of course, the undying The Reason, which the crowd obviously liked. I didn’t. I prefer Running Away. They also did their own rendition of the Ghostbusters theme, nice and neat.

And then, the main band – The All-American Rejects. Well, not really as Kasabian was to perform last. Anyway, AAR performed several songs, including Swing Swing – which reminded me of the good ol’ jamming days; When the Wind Blows; It Ends Tonight; Give You Hell(?) – their latest single; and several others. I do want to watch their concert. As what I’ve heard, they are coming back in Malaysia. Hopefully, I’m still here to watch.

And as I mentioned, Kasabian performed last. No offense to them, but we went home after AAR as I don’t really know them, and I have to go to church the next day. So, I still don’t know them. Hehe.

That wrapped it up. Pats and I went home with a smile on my face, tired throat because of the “woohoo’s”, and head-banging-hand-raising-\m/-hype-hangover. Thanks Pats for this surprise. I really liked it. :-*


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